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How to Redeem Locked Trial Fund Voucher

How to Redeem Locked Trial Fund Voucher

2022-11-10 07:16
A Locked Trial Fund can be used to subscribe to Binance Simple Earn Locked Products, according to the principal amount, currency, duration, and APR stipulated on your voucher.
You can enjoy the daily rewards generated by the Locked Product to which you’ve subscribed. Upon maturity of the Locked Product, the principal amount will be transferred to your Spot Wallet. Early redemption will not be allowed for this subscription.
Please note that you cannot withdraw or transfer the trial fund. It can only be used to redeem annual yield from the Simple Earn Locked Product you subscribed to.

How to redeem a Locked Trial Fund Voucher?

1. Log in to your Binance account and go to [Profile] - [Dashboard] - [Rewards Hub].
2. Click [More] to view all the available rewards.
3. Under the [Ongoing] tab, scroll down and find the Locked Trial Fund Voucher you want to use. Click the [i] button on the voucher to view more details, including its face value, expiry date, applicable products, and terms and conditions.
4. Click [Use].
5. To use the voucher, click [Go to Simple Earn].
6. You will be redirected to Simple Earn. On the [Use Trial Funds - Token] pop-up, you can see the trial fund amount and duration.
Confirm your order details, then read and agree to the Service Agreement and click [Confirm].
7. To view your subscription history, go to [Orders] - [Earn History] - [Simple Earn] - [Locked], or [Wallet] - [Earn] - [Simple Earn] - [Locked].

How to redeem a Locked Trial Fund Voucher using Points?

1. To redeem rewards using Points, click [Rewards Shop].
2. You can view all the available rewards here. Click [Claim] to use your Points to claim a Locked Trial Fund Voucher.
3. The Points will be deducted from your Points balance once you successfully claim it. You can find the Locked Trial Fund Voucher claimed on the [My Vouchers] page.
As per the Terms of Use and in compliance with local regulations, certain Rewards Hub features may not be available in your region.