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How to Redeem Binance Gift Cards via Trust Wallet

2022-08-31 05:14
Tutorial Video
You can now redeem your Binance Gift Cards via Trust Wallet. The assets will be credited to your Trust Wallet account immediately and you can use them on multiple blockchains with no geographical limitations.
If you don’t have a Trust Wallet, please set up an account first.
1. Go to the official Trust Wallet website to download the Trust Wallet app.
2. Open the app and tap [Create a new wallet]. Follow the instructions to set up your Trust Wallet.
3. Your Trust Wallet is now ready to use.

How to redeem Binance Gift Cards via Trust Wallet?

You may receive the Binance Gift Card redemption code via email or text.

Option 1: Email

1. Open the email you received from your phone and tap [Redeem to wallet address via Trust Wallet].
2. You will be redirected to the Trust Wallet app. Choose the wallet to which you’d like to redeem your Binance Gift Card.
3. Tap [Redeem now] and the assets will be credited to your wallet.

Option 2: Text

1. Open your Trust Wallet app and go to [Settings]. Tap [Scan QR Code].
2. Enter the Gift Card redemption code manually from the text you received and tap [Confirm].
3. The assets will be credited to your wallet.
For more details on how to redeem Binance Gift Cards, please refer to: