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How to Provide Statement Video and Security Questions

How to Provide Statement Video and Security Questions

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You may be asked to submit a video to the Customer Service team to verify your request.

1. Submit a statement video

What should I include in the video?
1.1 Sit in front of the camera. You need to show your face clearly and hold the information page of your ID document;
Please note that if you cannot speak English, you can copy the English statement below and change the date, the email address, and the withdrawal amount. Then, hold the statement in front of the camera while recording the video, and explain the content in your local language.
1.2 Speak a statement into the camera to verify your identity, such as:
"Today is DD-MM-YYYY, I'm applying to withdraw XXX USDT from my account. I confirm that it is my activity, and I am contacting Binance customer service to enable the withdrawal function of my Binance account XXXXX@XXXXX.com."
1.3 Submit the video along with the picture of your ID card/driver’s license/passport you showed in the video. Please do not put watermarks on your videos and do not edit your videos.
Please note that you should include:
  • Today's date;
  • The amount and coin you wish to withdraw;
  • A clear confirmation that you authorize this withdrawal;
  • A statement of your purpose;
  • Your Binance account email address.
For more information, please refer to this tutorial:
video tutorial

2. Answer security questions (optional)

Some users might need to answer security questions about:
  • Account registration date
  • Account registration IP
If you are able to provide the above information at the same time, it can help us confirm your identity and speed up the review process. You can find it in the registration email with the subject line “[Binance] Confirm your Registration From XXX (IP address) - XXX (date)”.
Please copy the information and send it to our Customer Service team.