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How to Order and Activate My Binance Card

How to Order and Activate My Binance Card

2020-07-09 07:45
Binance Card allows you to convert and spend cryptocurrencies at more than 60 million online and offline merchants worldwide. Transfer crypto from your Spot Wallet to your Funding Wallet and you're ready to go. Spend your crypto anytime, anywhere.
Note: Join the waitlist for Binance Card now. We will notify you as soon as they become available.

1. Which countries are eligible for a Binance Card?

Binance users living in the following countries can register their interest:
Aruba, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Curaçao, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, French Guiana, Germany, Greece, Guadeloupe, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Martinique, Mayotte, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Reunion, Romania, Saint-Martin, Sint Maarten, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, and Sweden.

2. I live in Europe. How do I order a Binance Card?

Existing Binance users in eligible countries can apply or register their interest for a Binance Card by:
  • Visiting the Binance Visa Card website directly;
  • Hovering over [Finance] and clicking [Binance Visa Card] from the top navigation bar;
  • Selecting [Card] in the footer of Binance.com.
To order a Binance Card, you must complete Identity Verification and live in a region where Binance Card is available. Please refer to the list of available countries above.
Application process
Log in to your account and click [Get Started] on the [Binance Card] page.
You will be redirected to the [Order Binance Card] page. Here you can choose how your name appears on the card. Once confirmed, click [Next].
Next, create a PIN for your physical card. A PIN is required for ATM withdrawals and large transactions at physical stores.
Please follow these security requirements when creating a PIN:
  • Do not use 4 consecutive numbers, e.g. 1234 or 9876
  • Do not use 4 identical numbers, e.g. 5555
If you skip this step, we will set up the PIN for you automatically. You may change it later at the ATM.
After that, confirm the delivery address for your card. We have prefilled the address with the one you registered at Binance.com. Please check carefully and add any missing information if needed.
If the displayed shipping address is incorrect, you can modify your address here.
You will need to provide a recent utility bill with your name and new address for us to update your details. After submission, please wait patiently and you will receive an email or SMS notification. After the address is updated, please try to order a Binance Card again.
Once your details are confirmed, please agree to the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Cardholder Agreement, and KYC consent. Click [Order] to complete the process.
Upon successful registration, your virtual Binance Card will be issued instantly and remain valid until your physical card is activated.

3. How do I update an incorrect shipping address?

During the Card order process, you will see the shipping address and the billing address of your Binance Card. You will see a [Edit] button above the address.

Please confirm the address provided is correct. You will need to provide Proof of Address, such as a recent utility bill with your name and the new address, to update the account record. We might require additional documents from you if your address is not accessible via public records.

4 . How do I update my phone number and email linked to the Card?

If you have recently updated your contact details on your Binance account, please also check that your contact details (phone number and email) linked to your Binance Card are correct.
Go to [Card Dashboard] - [Profile].
If your phone number or email differs from your Binance account, click [Synchronize] to update the details on your Binance Card.
Your contact information is synced to the Binance Card successfully.

5. Why did my Binance Card order fail?

There are several reasons for your Binance Card order to fail. Please refer to the exact reason specified in the email we sent you. If any costs are incurred during the card ordering process, we will return the fees to you.

6. How long does it take to get my Binance Card?

Your virtual Binance Card will be issued upon a successful order, meaning that you have completed the Identity Verification and the card order processed correctly.
We work hard to deliver your physical Binance Card to your address as soon as possible. Please wait patiently for it to be delivered as there might be a delay due to high demands. Depending on your country of residence, typically it takes up to 45 days for the card to be delivered.
In the meantime, you can add your virtual Binance Card to your Google Pay and Samsung Pay Wallet to pay anywhere Google Pay and Samsung Pay are accepted.

7. How can I reorder a new Binance Card?

If you lose your Binance Card or can’t receive your Binance Card after 45 days, you may reorder it from the [Card Dashboard].

8. When can I activate my physical Binance Card?

You can activate your physical Binance Card in the Card Dashboard. It will be grayed out and is inaccessible until the card’s status has transitioned from “Pending” to “Shipped”. Once the status is marked as “Shipped”, you can click to activate your card. For security reasons, we recommend you activate your physical Binance Card immediately after you receive it.

9. How do I activate my virtual Binance Card?

Your virtual Binance Card will be automatically activated upon successful order. You can start using it immediately.

10. How do I activate my physical Binance Card?

Tutorial Video
You can activate your physical Binance Card from the Card Dashboard. To activate your card, log into your Binance account and navigate to [Card Dashboard]. Click [Activate] to begin.
First, enter the last four digits of your physical Binance Card. Then, you will be prompted to enter the CVV on the back of your physical Binance Card. Once we verify the details you entered, your physical Binance Card will be activated. Your four-digit PIN code will be displayed, you will need this PIN for ATM and large purchases. Please save your PIN securely and do not share it with anyone.

11. How can I order a replacement card?

If you have canceled or reported the loss of your physical Binance Card, you can order a replacement Binance Card from the Card Dashboard. Please note that you need to pay a replacement fee of EUR 25, except for the case described below.
Please note at the moment, we do not support a replacement for the Binance Refugee Card.
To order, click [Order New Card] and verify your shipping address. Then, choose the payment method for the EUR 25 replacement fee. You may use the fiat or crypto from your Spot and Fiat Wallet. If you choose to pay in crypto, the system will automatically convert it into EUR based on the real-time conversion rate. Please note that the conversion rate is only valid for 1 minute. If you do not finalize your order within this timeframe, the conversion rate will be refreshed.

12. Where can I see my canceled Binance Card?

Go to your [Card Dashboard]. Click [Manage My Card] - [My Cards].
You can see all your Binance cards here.

13. What should I do if my card has not arrived after my order?

If your Binance Card status shows that the card has been shipped, but you haven't received it after 45 days after you placed the card order, your card might be lost in the delivery process. When this happens, you may reorder the card.
To reorder, go to [My Cards] and you will see this message "If you have not received your card, please reorder here". Click [Order New Card]. Reordering will be free of charge in this case.
Our team will dispatch your new card after receiving your request. Card delivery might take up to 45 days to arrive, depending on your country/region.

14. Is there an express mail delivery option?

To choose express delivery, go to [My Cards], and you’ll see this message “Upgrade to express delivery within 24 hours and receive your card within 5 working days at only 25 EUR”. Click [Upgrade now].
If you’re reordering your card, please select [Express] under the [Courier] section at the shipping address confirmation step.
Please note: Express mail applies to all EEA participating countries except Latvia, Curacao, Saint-Martin, and Sint Maarten.