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How to Join FC Shakhtar Fanverse on Binance Fan Token

How to Join FC Shakhtar Fanverse on Binance Fan Token

2023-04-04 10:00

What is the FC Shakhtar Fanverse?

FC Shakhtar Fanverse brings football fans worldwide together to create a unique and engaging experience.
By joining the Fanverse, fans can access exclusive content, behind-the-scenes footage, and the opportunity to interact with players and other fans. Additionally, they can participate in various promotions and challenges, receive rewards, and stand a chance to attend highly-anticipated home matches.
Starting 2023-04-04, users can claim their Fanverse digital passports to participate in match predictions, voting polls, and gain leaderboard points for an immersive fan experience.

How to join the FC Shakhtar Fanverse?

To enter the FC Shakhtar Fanverse, you must first claim a free digital passport. It allows you to unlock different utilities in the FC Shakhtar Fanverse. There are two types of digital passports available at the moment.
1. Experience Passport
  • A digital badge with one free entry to match prediction and two entries to voting polls
2. Super NFT Passport
  • An NFT collectible on BNB Chain. Users with a Super NFT Passport can unlock all-access tickets to match prediction and voting polls.
Experience PassportUnlock one free entry to match prediction and two entries to voting polls
Super NFT PassportUnlock all-access tickets to match prediction and voting polls
*A successful referral refers to a user who registers via the inviter’s campaign referral link and completes Identity Verification.

How to claim the passport?

New users

1. Register for a Binance account here or through your inviter’s campaign referral link.
2. Click [Claim Experience Passport].
3. Complete Identity Verification to upgrade to a Super NFT Passport and unlock all-access tickets for match prediction and voting poll.

Existing users

1. Log in to your Binance account and click [Claim Experience Passport].
2. Click [Invite] to invite your friends and upgrade to a Super NFT Passport. Please note that your invited friends must complete Identity Verification.

How to participate in match prediction?

1. Enter the match prediction page and choose the match you want to participate in.
2. Submit your scores before the match begins.
  • Entry to match prediction is free once you claim the Passport.
  • You can only submit one entry for a match prediction, and no edits can be made after submitting your entry.
  • Match prediction will open three days before the match begins and ends when the match begins. For example, if there is a match on 2023-04-08 18:00 UTC, the prediction for this match will be open at 2023-04-05 00:00 UTC and ends at 2023-04-08 18:00 UTC.

What are the rewards?

There are a total of 12 matches during the activity period (2023-04-08 to 2023-06-04), with a 36,000 USDT reward pool to be shared. Participants can share up to 3,000 USDT worth of token vouchers for each match. Please note that the reward pool is subject to the number of participants for each match.
Number of Participants> 0≥ 1,000≥ 3,000 ≥ 5,000
Rewards Pool (in Token Voucher)500 USDT1,000 USDT2,000 USDT3,000 USDT
For example, 5,000 participants entered the match prediction. The reward pool to be shared for this match will be 3,000 USDT.

How to increase your multiplier for match prediction?

You can invite friends via your campaign referral link to increase your multiplier and get more points in match prediction.
Once your invited friend successfully registers for a Binance account through your campaign link and completes Identity Verification, you will receive a 1.5x invitation multiplier and additional token rewards. Please note that the multiplier will increase proportionally with the number of new users you invite, and this multiplier will remain in effect throughout the entire season.
One successful referral1.5x
Two successful referrals2x
At least three successful referrals2.5x
There are three ways to invite friends:
  • Share the campaign referral link or invitation poster;
  • Share your match prediction;
  • Share your ranking from [Leaderboard].

When can I claim the match prediction rewards?

Each match prediction reward will be calculated within 24 hours after the match results are released. Rewards have to be claimed within 30 days thereafter. For more details, please refer to the match prediction page.

How to claim match prediction rewards?

Match prediction rewards will be available within 24 hours after the match results are out.
1. Log in to your Binance account and go to [Prediction]. Click [Claim] to claim your daily rewards. Please note that you must have completed Identity Verification to be eligible to claim the token rewards.
2. To redeem the token voucher, go to [Voucher Center]. Please note that token reward values may change depending on the market condition and the token-to-fiat exchange rates.

What is the Global Leaderboard?

The Global Leaderboard shows the total points users accumulated in match predictions between 2023-04-04 10:00 UTC and 2023-06-04 14:00 UTC, including their point multipliers. If two users accumulated the same points, the user who claimed their Fanverse Passport first would rank ahead of the other.
To view your ranking, go to [Global Leaderboard].

How to claim the Global Leaderboard rewards?

The Global Leaderboard result will be announced on 2023-06-05 at 14:00 UTC. The top 100 users on the Leaderboard can claim exclusive experiences and merchandise from FC Shakhtar, such as signed jerseys and VIP match day tickets.
To claim your reward, click [Claim] and enter your details in the pop-up window. Please note that you must claim your rewards by 2023-06-30 08:00 UTC.

How to participate in the voting poll?

As a passport holder of FC Shakhtar Fanverse, you are entitled to special voting rights on team decisions.
To participate in the latest voting polls, visit the FC Shakhtar Fanverse and click [Vote] at the bottom of the page to access the feature.
Please refer to the announcement for more information on FC Shakhtar Fanverse.

I’ve completed the tasks/campaigns. Why didn’t I receive any reward (or received a lower-than-expected reward)?

You’ve probably been recognized as a “risk user” by the system. For users with a higher risk profile, no rewards will be provided for this campaign.