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How to Join Binance Fan Club on Binance Fan Token

How to Join Binance Fan Club on Binance Fan Token

2023-02-20 11:52

What is the Binance Fan Club?

Binance Fan Club gamifies the fan experience by rewarding you based on how much you engage with your sport team. You can get match tickets, Meet & Greet with star players, and exclusive offline experiences, etc. The higher your fan engagement level, the more benefits you can collect.

How does the Binance Fan Club work?

The Star Point system

Star Points are experience points you can collect by completing simple tasks, such as completing Identity Verification for your Binance account or participating in Fan Token activities like voting for team-related decisions.
The more Star Points you collect, the higher your Fan Club level.
You can collect Star Points manually after you’ve completed the assigned tasks in the [Mission Center].


There are 4 levels to be unlocked. You can unlock exclusive rewards and experiences for each level.
Points Required
1- 60
601 and more


Every month, Binance Fan Token releases a new selection of rewards for you to unlock by exchanging your tokens. The higher your level, the better the rewards you can unlock.
For example, you can get VIP tickets, signed memorabilia, and a chance to meet your team’s star player.

How to claim the Binance Fan Club Pass?

If you are new to Binance:

1. Visit [Binance Fan Club]. Click [Register] and follow the instructions to create a Binance account.
2. Click [Claim Fan Club Pass] and complete Identity Verification to become a Fan Club member.
3. Click [Verify] under the [Verify your Account] task and complete Identity Verification for your account.
4. Click [Claim] to claim your Star Points for this task.
5. You can continue to complete more tasks and claim different rewards, such as Fan Token vouchers.

If you have a Binance account:

1. Log in to your Binance account and visit [Binance Fan Club].
2. Click [Claim Fan Club Pass]. Please make sure you hold at least 1 Fan Token (LAZIO, SANTOS, PORTO, or ALPINE). If you don’t have any Fan Token, learn how to buy them here.

How to collect Star Points (SP)?

Star Points are experience points that allow users to level up and get more rewards. You can complete different tasks to gain Star Points, such as completing Identity Verification, invite friends to participate, and participate in Fan Token activities.
1. To obtain Star Points, click [Go to Mission Center] from the Fan Profile page of your team.
2. You can check which tasks are currently available from the [Mission Center].

How to earn Star Points?

You can receive daily Star points if you hold ≥ 1 Fan Token in your Spot Wallet.
TierDaily Star Points
Hold 1 - 9 Fan Tokens1
Hold 10 - 19 Fan Tokens2
Hold ≥ 20 Fan Tokens3
Please note that you can only earn Star Points from 1 Team. For example, if you hold 23 LAZIO and 10 SANTOS, you are only eligible to receive 3 Star Points per day.

How to claim rewards?

1. To check the available rewards, go to your favorite team’s [Fan Profile].
Note: If the rewards are grayed out, they are either unavailable for your level or they have all been claimed.
2. You can only claim rewards using the Binance Fan Token of your favorite team. For example, you can’t claim rewards on the Alpine Fan Profile page using a LAZIO token. Therefore, we recommend you to hold a sufficient amount of Fan Tokens of your favorite team before proceeding with the redemption process. This can avoid losing the opportunity to claim the limited rewards.
3. To check the number of tokens required and tokens available in your wallet, click on the reward.
4. If you don’t have enough Fan Token, you can buy more by clicking [Buy Token] on the pop-up.
Depending on your country, you will be redirected to the available buy crypto options.
5. Upon successful redemption, you can click [Claim History] to view your claimed rewards.

How to invite friends with an invitation poster?

Go to your favorite team’s [Fan Profile]. Click [Invite a friend].
You can share the poster or referral link with them directly or via social media.

Important note

  • Users from the following countries or regions won’t be able to participate in the Binance Fan Club: Belarus, Democratic Republic of Congo, Cuba, Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, Thailand, Vietnam, United States of America and its territories (American Samoa, Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands), and Zimbabwe.
  • Please note that you won’t be able to claim any reward if you don’t complete Identity Verification for your account.