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How to Earn USDT Rewards from Binance Pay

How to Earn USDT Rewards from Binance Pay

2022-11-15 03:11
1. Log in to your Binance account and go to [More] - [Pay] - [Spend to Earn].
2. Under [All merchants], select your preferred merchant and click [Get the Offer Link] to start shopping.
Please note that you need to shop via the designated offer link to be eligible for the reward.
3. Click [History] on the Spend to Earn homepage to view your latest reward transaction history. You can see your merchant rewards, its status, and other details 1 day after you’ve made a purchase.
4. If the transaction with the merchant is successfully approved, your reward will be credited to your Binance account the next month after the merchant confirms the reward. After the reward is distributed, it will be added to the total reward amount.
5. If you’ve completed identity verification, you can check the reward credited to your Funding Wallet on the Pay Transaction History page.
If you haven’t completed identity verification, your rewards will be locked and can’t be used. The received reward will be distributed within 24 hours after verification passed.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does it take for the reward to process?
It depends on the merchant’s policy. Rewards are distributed on the 3rd of every month after merchants confirm the reward. Please refer to the T&C of each merchant for more detail.
2. How do I check the status of my reward?
Go to [Pay] - [Spend to earn] -[History] to track your reward status.
3. Why didn’t I receive my reward?
The reason may be:
  • The merchant hasn’t confirmed the reward.
  • The merchant has confirmed the reward, but it will be distributed on the 3rd of next month.
  • According to the merchant’s policy, you are not eligible for the offer.
4. I can’t find my rewards
Please check your Funding Wallet. You can see your reward details by clicking [Pay] - [History] - [Received].
If you haven’t completed the identity verification process within 6 months after the reward has been distributed, it will be transferred back to the merchant.
Once you’ve completed your identity verification, you’ll see your rewards in your Funding Wallet within 24 hours.
5. What happens when I refund the transaction?
You won’t receive the reward if the payment is refunded.