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How to Create Your NFT on Binance NFT Marketplace

How to Create Your NFT on Binance NFT Marketplace

2021-06-23 11:44
One of the most exciting features for creators on the Binance NFT Marketplace is minting non-fungible tokens (NFTs). You can quickly mint NFTs and create your own NFT collections on BNB Chain (former BSC) and Ethereum (ETH).
Please note that only verified users can create NFTs on Binance, so you must complete Identity Verification before you start.
To mint an NFT on Binance, you must create an NFT collection and get it approved first. For more information, please refer to: How to create an NFT collection on Binance?

How to create an NFT on Binance?

After creating a collection, you can start to create your NFTs on Binance. Before you get started, please make sure you have a sufficient BNB or ETH balance in your Spot Wallet to cover the minting fee. You will also need to complete the Identity Verification. Only verified users can create NFTs on Binance.
1. Go to the Binance NFT Marketplace and click on the [Profile] icon.
Next, click [Created] - [Create NFT].
2. Read and accept the Binance NFT Marketplace Terms and Conditions.
Please note that if your account violates the Binance risk management policies, you won’t be able to create NFTs. Please contact Customer Service for assistance.
3. You will be redirected to the minting page. Enter the details of your NFT, including:
Name: The name of your NFT;
Description (Optional): A brief explanation of your NFT;
Network: Select the network of your NFT. We have defaulted it to BNB Chain (former BSC), but you can also choose to use the Ethereum network (ETH);
Collection: Select which collection this NFT will be categorized under from the dropdown list. You will only see the collections on the network you just selected. For example, if you selected BNB Chain, you will only see the NFT collections on BNB Chain.
You may select the collection you just created, or click [+ Add a new Collection] to create another one;
  • Properties: Select the properties for your NFT. You can click [Add More] to add up to 100 properties for your NFT.
4. Once the details are set, you’ll see an estimated minting fee. Read and agree to the Binance NFT Minting Rules and Terms of Service, and click [Create].
5. Your file will start to upload. Please wait patiently for us to review your NFT. It will be assessed via an automatic verification system.
Once the minting process is complete, you will see a [Minting Completed] pop-up with the contract address and Token ID of your NFT. Click [View Item] to go to your collection, or click [List NFT] to list it for sale.
If the system requires more time to process your NFT, you will see a [Successfully Requested] pop-up. You will be notified via email when your NFT is minted.
You can enable the minting status notification from [Profile] - [Settings] - [Notification].
6. If the minting fails, you will see an error message. This could happen due to several reasons. For example, the review determines that your NFT contains inappropriate content. Please note that if this happens more than or equal to 5 times within 24 hours, you will be suspended from minting for the next 24 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who can mint NFTs on the Binance NFT Marketplace?
All Binance users who have completed Identity Verification can mint NFTs on the platform.
2. Which blockchains do Binance use for minting NFTs?
Currently, NFTs are minted on BNB Smart Chain (former BSC) and Ethereum (ETH). We will support more blockchains in the future.
3. What is the NFT minting fee and how much is it?
NFT minting fees will be charged in either BNB or ETH. You can check the latest minting fees and collection fees here.
4. Which file formats do you accept and what is the maximum file size?
  • Image: JPEG, PNG, and GIF
  • Video: MP4, MPEG, and AVI
  • Audio: WAV and MP3
Please note that all files should be under 50MB.
5. Can I cancel the creation process during minting?
Once you have paid the fees and Binance has begun the minting process, it cannot be canceled, deleted, removed, or changed. The NFT information is already added to the blockchain and cannot be reversed.
6. Where is my NFT’s content stored?
Binance stores the content you upload on a centralized database. We do not store your content on the blockchain, but its associated NFT is on-chain.
7. Can I make changes to my minted NFT?
No, once the NFT is minted, it exists on the blockchain forever. But you can delete your NFT and mint a new one from the same file.
8. Can I change the royalty fee after the NFT is minted?
No, the royalty fee cannot be changed. It can only be edited during the collection creation process.
9. What is the minting limit?
All verified users on Binance NFT can mint up to 5 NFTs per day.