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How to Create API Keys on Binance

How to Create API Keys on Binance

2020-06-18 15:15
Creating an API allows you to connect to Binance’s servers via several programming languages. Data can be pulled from Binance and interacted with in external applications. You can view your wallet and transaction data, make trades, and deposit and withdraw funds in third-party programs.
Please note that before creating an API Key, you need to make a deposit of any amount to activate your account.
For more details on Binance API, please refer to the GitHub documentation.

How to create your own Binance API Key?

1. Log in to your Binance account and click [Profile] - [API Management].
2. Click [Create API].
Please note that before creating an API Key, you need to:
  • enable two-factor authentication (2FA) on your account; and
  • make a deposit of any amount to activate your account.
3. Select your preferred API Key type.
For more details on self-generated API Keys, please refer to How to Generate an RSA Key Pair to Send API Requests on Binance.
4. Enter a label/name for your API Key.
5. Verify your request with 2FA devices.
6. Your API Key is now created.
Do not disclose your API Key, Secret Key (HMAC), or Private Key (RSA) to anyone to avoid asset losses. If you forget your Secret Key, you'll need to delete the API and create a new one.
Please take note of the IP access restrictions. We recommend choosing [Restrict access to trusted IPs only] for security reasons.
To remain compliant with the latest industry requirements, Binance has updated its API services. Effective from 2021-08-09 03:00 (UTC), only users who have completed [Verified Plus] can create new API keys. Binance has deactivated any existing API Keys created by accounts that have only completed the [Verified] verification after 2021-08-23 00:00 (UTC). For more information, please refer to this announcement.
Effective from 2023-01-30 00:00 (UTC), the system-generated API Key’s permission can only be set to [Enable Reading] if your IP is unrestricted.