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How to Claim POAP NFTs on the Binance Fan Token Platform

How to Claim POAP NFTs on the Binance Fan Token Platform

2022-04-28 18:30

What is POAP?

Proof of Attendance Protocol (POAP) is a protocol that creates digital collectibles and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) through the use of blockchain technology. They are similar to a collection of concert tickets, except that they are digital.
Typically, event attendees can collect these unique NFT badges via QR codes at the event and join additional activities on the POAP platform, such as community polls, raffles, and the POAP leaderboard. They serve as verifiable proof that the holders attended a specific event.

What can you do with POAP NFTs on the Binance Fan Token Platform?

The Binance Fan Token Platform allows fans to collect POAP NFTs from different events to redeem special, limited edition NFTs and Mystery Boxes, and earn extra rewards and experiences tied to them.
In the future, POAP NFTs may expand their use cases beyond proving one’s attendance. For example, it can be used to acknowledge contributions or to offer privileges to community members.

How to collect POAPs and redeem NFTs?

1. To participate in a POAP activity, you need to complete Identity Verification for your Binance account. Visit the Binance Fan Token Beginner Guide to get started and find out how to get your first Binance Fan Tokens from featured teams.
2. Visit the Binance Fan Token Platform or follow Binance Fan Token on Twitter to discover new POAP campaigns. Find active POAP events on top of the landing page in the banner section.
3. Join the event by scanning the QR code. Please scan the QR code with your Binance App for the best viewer experience.
4. You can start collecting POAP NFTs when an eligible event or live stream begins. Alternatively, you can buy POAP NFTs on the Binance NFT Marketplace once they become available. Note that some POAP NFTs are non-tradeable.
5. As the event progresses, the [Claim] button will become available next to each POAP that can be claimed. POAP NFTs might be limited in quantity so make sure to participate early. If the claim fails, it might mean that there are no more POAP NFTs available anymore.
6. When you have collected all POAPs in an event, you can compose your NFT Mystery Box. You can decide whether to open the box or trade it on the Binance NFT Marketplace.
7. Use your newly acquired NFTs to showcase your fandom on your Fan Profile, or charge them in eligible NFT PowerStations for Binance Fan Token rewards.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many POAP NFTs do I need to collect for a chance to get the final NFT?

This depends on the event. For example, for the Alpine Esport Series Championship 2022 powered by Binance Live Stream, viewers will be required to collect 5 POAP NFTs for a chance to get the full Binance Alpine GT4 NFT Mystery Box.

2. When can I claim my POAP NFTs?

You can start claiming POAP NFTs as soon as an eligible POAP NFT-featured event begins.

3. What happens if all POAP NFTs have been redeemed already?

Depending on the event, you could also get other rewards. Stay tuned to our streams and activities and try your luck again next time.

4. Can I keep my POAP NFTs if I don’t compose an NFT with them?

For most activities, they will remain in your Binance account as memorabilia for attending the event. Please refer to each activity’s description for more details.