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How Do I Refer a Friend to Binance With Gift Card?

How Do I Refer a Friend to Binance With Gift Card?

2022-03-31 04:07
With Binance Gift Card, you can gift cryptocurrency to both Binance users and non-Binance users who are new to crypto.

Benefits of binding referral code to Gift Card

By binding your referral code to the Gift Card, you can invite new Binance users easily.
Here are some advantages of binding your referral code:
  • Earn crypto commissions without trading by referring a friend;
  • A fun way to encourage your friends to kickstart their crypto journey;
  • One-click to bind referral code;
  • Hassle-free process to redeem Gift Cards on on the App and the website.
You may refer to the Binance Standard Referral Mode Guide to learn how you and your friend can earn referral commissions.

How to bind my referral code when sending a Gift Card?

To send a Gift Card with a referral code, you have to first purchase a Binance Gift Card. You can check out some of the gift card merchants here.
1. Select the gift card you want to send and tap [Send]. You can choose to Send via Text or via Email.
2.1 If your recipient’s email doesn’t belong to any Binance user, you may choose to bind your referral code to the Gift Card. This allows the recipient to register a Binance account with your referral code.
To enable this function, toggle on the option [Add your referral link?]. Your referral link will then be inserted into the Gift Card email.
2.2 If your recipient’s email belongs to an existing Binance user, you will not have the option to bind your referral code. Instead, the option [Restrict designated recipient account] will be selected by default. This means that the gift card can only be redeemed by the designated recipient. You may uncheck the box if you want to allow anyone to add or redeem the gift card.
3. After filling in all the necessary fields, tap [Send] to send your gift card. Your recipient will receive an email with the gift card number, gift code, and your message (if any).