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Frequently Asked Questions on Binance Account Bound (BAB) Token

Frequently Asked Questions on Binance Account Bound (BAB) Token

2022-09-08 09:03
1. Who can mint BAB tokens on Binance?
BAB tokens are issued by Binance and are non-transferable. Binance users who have completed Identity Verification can mint BAB tokens directly on Binance App.
2. Do I have to pay a gas fee to mint the BAB token?
Yes, you need to pay a gas fee when you mint or revoke your BAB token. Gas fees are charged by the BNB Chain. Binance will deduct the gas fee from your Funding/Spot Wallet directly.
3. Can I mint more than 1 BAB token?
No, each Binance user can only mint one BAB token. However, you can revoke the token and mint a new BAB token if you lose access to the existing token.
Please note that BAB tokens have a 72 hours lock period. This means after revoking your BAB token, you need to wait for the lock period to be over to mint your BAB token again.
4. How to view my BAB token?
Your BAB token will be issued to the wallet you connected during the minting process. You can check your BAB token on a third-party wallet that supports NFTs on BNB Chain (BSC). Before viewing your BAB token, please select your wallet network as [BNB Smart Chain].
5. How to revoke my BAB token?
To revoke your BAB token, go to the BAB token page on the Binance App and scroll down to the FAQ section. You will see a [Revoke Token] link. Visit the link to revoke your BAB token.
6. What happens if I lose access to the BAB token?
If you lost your access to the BAB token, for example, you lost your wallet’s private key, you can revoke the BAB token with your Binance account. Once revoked, you can mint a new BAB token after 72 hours.
7. Can I transfer my BAB token to another wallet address?
If you want to transfer your BAB token to another wallet address, you can revoke it first and mint it to the new address. However, please note that after you revoke your BAB token, you can only re-mint after 72 hours.
8. What can I do with my BAB token?
You can participate in building different projects on the BNB Chain and receive rewards. To learn more, please visit the BNB Chain announcement page.
9. Do I get a refund of the minting fee if I revoke my BAB token?
No. The minting and revoking of BAB tokens happen on-chain and require a gas fee, therefore, Binance would not refund the minting fee.