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How to deposit Fiat Currencies with Bank Transfer (SEPA)?
2020-11-19 11:06
How to deposit fiat currencies for example: EUR, GBP etc. via Bank Transfer(SEPA)?
Select [Bank Deposit] under [Buy Crypto] tab.
Select the corresponding currency, enter the amount, and click [continue].
Get payment detailed information.
Complete Deposit to your account.
Frequently Asked Questions:
Q1. Will the deposit/withdrawal be completed immediately and how long will it take?
Answer: If you requested a deposit or withdrawal after 17:00, it is expected to arrive the next working day. The deposit and withdrawal functions are temporarily unavailable from Friday 17:00 to Monday 08:00.
Q2. Are there any unsupported banks, and which ones are there?
Answer: Fire(Ireland), Monzo(UK), Revolut(UK) and Transferwise(UK).
Q3. What is the limit?
Click to check the limit.
Q4. When I placed an order, I was told that my daily limit was not enough. How can I increase the limit?
Answer: You can go to the user authentication center to upgrade the account authentication level according to the information on the page, and then you can upgrade to the corresponding level limit.
Q5. Where can I check the purchase order record?
Answer: You can click [Wallet]-[Overview]-Transaction order in the upper right corner to view the order record, and click on the details.
Q6. I transferred the money, why hadn't I received it yet?
1. Due to compliance requirements, a small number of transfers will be manually reviewed. It takes about a few hours during working hours and one working day for non-working hours.
2. If you use the transfer method is SWIFT, the account may not be received and the funds will be returned, but it may take a long time to return to the account; please confirm that you are NOT using the SWIFT method while you're transferring.

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