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How to Create and Send a Gift Card?

2021-07-13 04:07
Step-by-step tutorial
Frequently Asked Questions
Step-by-step tutorial

What is Binance Gift Card?

Binance Gift Card allows you to send and receive cryptocurrency in a fast, simple and customizable way — all with zero fees. It can be sent to both Binance and non-Binance users via email or text. Some key benefits include:
- Deposit and withdraw crypto with simple steps;
- 30+ thematic templates to celebrate the crypto lifestyle;
- “Restrict Recipient” function for enhanced security;
- Bind your referral code to invite new Binance users easily.
Here is how to create and send a customized gift card in minutes:
tutorial video
Alternatively, you can head to Gift Card Homepage to create single or multiple gift cards on the web.

Step-by-step tutorial

How do I create a Gift Card

1. Log in to your Binance App and tap [Wallets] - [Transfer] to transfer crypto from your Spot Wallet to your Funding Wallet.
2. Go to the homepage and tap [Profile] - [Gift Card].
3. Tap [Send].
4. Select the crypto you want to send and enter the amount. You can also customize the design of your gift card. Tap [Create] to continue.
5. Enter your 2FA code to confirm the transaction. The amount will be deducted from your Funding Wallet accordingly.
6. Your gift card is successfully created.
You may also check out our How to redeem Gift Card article for more information.
1. On the Gift Card page, tap [Send]. If you don’t have any gift cards, please refer to the How to create a Gift Card? section to create a new gift card.
2. Select a gift card from your card list and tap [Send].
3. You can choose to send your gift card via text or email.
3.1 If you wish to [Send via text], you will see a pop-up window with the gift card details. Tap [Copy] to copy the details and send it to your friend.
Please note that anyone with the gift card code can redeem the card, so it is important to ensure that you only send the gift card code to the intended recipient.
3.2 If you wish to [Send via email], please enter the recipient's email address, your name, and personalized messages, then tap [Send].
You can email the gift card to anyone, even to non Binance users.
To bind your referral code to Gift Card, check out our “How do I Refer a Friend to Binance with Gift Card?” tutorial.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I find the Binance Gift Card function?

For mobile users, you can find it in the Binance App. Please make sure your App is updated to iOS 2.32.0 or Android 1.43.0 or above.
You can access Binance Gift Card from [Profile] - [Gift Card] on the Binance App.
Creating, sending and redeeming Binance gift cards are free of charge at the moment. Fees may occur on specific occasions.
General gift cards do not have an expiration date. For gift cards issued for special activities and purposes, they may come with an expiration date and users will be notified of the date.
No, gift cards are not reloadable at the moment.
Binance Gift Card supports most of the cryptocurrencies listed in the Funding Wallet.
When your friend receives a gift card, they can either redeem the gift card to credit the crypto to their Funding Wallet immediately, or add the gift card to their account to redeem it later. For security reasons, we suggest the recipients do either way as soon as they receive the gift card.
No, gift cards can only be redeemed in full amount. Once redeemed, the crypto will be fully credited to the Funding Wallet.
Every gift card code can only be used once. When users add the gift card to their account, they become the owner of the gift card, no one can add or redeem the gift card again by entering the same gift card code. The moment when the user adds the gift card to their account, the gift card code will be changed completely.
Yes, you can. You have to add the gift card to your account first, once the gift card is added successfully, you can tap [Send] to send it to others via text or email.
If you have not added the gift card to your account, then the original owner can still redeem the same gift card.
However, if you added the gift card to your account first, then you become the owner of the gift card, no one can add or redeem the gift card by entering the original gift card code. When you send to another user, a completely new gift card code will be generated.
The gift card code is used to redeem the gift card or add the gift card to your account. It should be kept privately as anyone with the code can use it to redeem the gift card.
The gift card number is used to check the balance and the status of the gift card. It can be shared with another user to check whether the gift card is redeemed or not.
No, you can redeem it directly.
You cannot withdraw the gift card. However, you can choose to redeem the gift card yourself via [My Cards] - [Sent Cards] before the recipient adds or redeems it. Simply click on the gift card that you want to redeem, and then press [Redeem].