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Spot Trading
How to Spot Trade on Binance App
2020-10-29 08:52
Video Tutorial
Log in to the Binance App, click on [Trade] to go to the spot trading page.
Here is the trading page interface.
1.Market and Trading pairs.
2.Real-time market candlestick chart, supported trading pairs of the cryptocurrency, “Buy Crypto” section.
3.Sell/Buy order book.
4.Buy/Sell Cryptocurrency.
5.Open orders.
You can use "Limit order" to buy BNB.
  1. Insert 0.002 BTC for the price.
  2. Select 100% for the quantity.
  3. Once the market price of BNB reaches 0.002 BTC, the “Limit” order will be completed, and you will have 1 BNB in your spot wallet.
You can follow the same steps to sell BNB.
  • The default order type is called a limit order. But if traders want to place an order as soon as possible, they may switch to [Market] Order. By choosing a market order, traders could make a transaction instantly at the current market price.
  • If the market price of BNB/BTC is at 0.002, but you want to buy at a specific price, for example, 0.001, then you can place a [Limit] order. When the market price reaches your set price, your placed order will be executed.
  • The percentage shown below the BNB Amount box refers to the amount of BTC you wish to use to buy BNB.Put the amount and buy crypto.

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