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Binance Pool Referral Program FAQ

Binance Pool Referral Program FAQ

2020-09-18 06:50
1. Introduction to Binance Pool Referral Program.
Answer: Binance Pool has officially launched the referral program. When your friends create their accounts and start mining on Binance Pool having signed up using your referral link or code, you'll get a percentage of their pool fee income as a referral reward. In addition, you can also get transaction fee referral rewards for spot, USDT futures, and coin-based futures.
2. Binance Pool Referral Program Guide/How to participate in the Binance Pool referral program?
Step 1: Open the Binance Pool website. Then, after you login to your account, click [Referral Link]
Step 2: Open the referral page. By default, the referral rate is 30%. Please check the Referral Code, then click the copy button of the Referral Link. Finally, share your Referral Link with your friends, invite your friends to join, and connect their computing power to Binance Pool.
Step 3: After your friends register and connect their computing power to Binance Pool via your referral link, Binance Pool will return the referral rewards to you according to the actual amount of mined coins. Rewards are distributed as part of the daily settlement, and the referral rewards will be distributed to your corresponding Pool Account. You can view the Invitations to check how many friends you have invited, and Invitation List to check your current referral program ranking. You may also look at Earned to check the total referral rewards you received, and Invite History and Return Details to check the details of your referrals.
3. How do your friends connect their computing power to the Binance Pool?
Step 1: Your friends should first register their Binance accounts through your referral link or input your referral code.
Step 2: After successful registration, please click Financial Services - Binance Pool - Then, please set up a mining account, or just open and click Please set up a mining account.
Step 3: Finally, obtain the IP of the mining machine and open it. Then configure the URL (mining address), Worker (mining account. mining machine number). After confirming all the information is correct, click save. Then you can view the added computing power on the Binance Pool page, and start receiving income. For more details, please refer to the Bitcoin Mining Tutorial.
4. Could I get the pool referral link on the Binance APP?
A: Yes, on the Binance APP, click Pool - Referral to enter the referral page where you will find your referral link or code to invite your friends to join.
5. After the Binance Pool referral program goes online, will it affect the current referral principle of spot and futures?
No, once the Binance Pool referral program is online, the principles of the spot and contract referral rules will remain unchanged.
6. Can Binance Pool Referral program users still earn spot, and futures referral rewards?
Yes, participants in the Binance Pool referral program will enjoy spot and futures referral rewards at the same time, meaning that existing spot, USDT futures, and coin-based futures commission referral rewards will automatically be merged into the pool referral link.
It is worth noting that accounts that have established a spot and futures referral relationship can no longer establish the pool rerelationship.
7. What is the going percentage of commissions for the pool referral? Can I adjust the rate manually?
Currently, the default commission rate for pool referral is 30%. Binance Pool partners half and half with the referral program users (the inviter), meaning the referral reward is 30% of the invitee’s mining pool fee income. Adjustments to this ratio are not currently available.
8. How to check the number of people invited and the commission details?
Open the Binance Pool website> log in to your account and open the referral page to view the number of people you have invited, the total number of referral rewards you have received, the historical record of recent invitations, and the details of referral rewards.
9. Are there any restrictions on the referral program?
1) The referral link and code of the inviter can be reused. A single account can invite multiple friends, and the number of invites is unlimited;
2) The more mining computing power the invitee has access to, the more referral rewards the inviter will receive from Binance Pool ;
3) Binance prohibits users from self-inviting through multiple accounts. If such activity is detected, all referrals will be cancelled and all referral bonuses/kickbacks for the invitee’s accounts will be canceled.
10. In which coin(s) are the pool referral rewards settled?
Binace Pool will issue referral rewards based on the actual currencies mined by the invitees. Currently Binance Pool supports SHA-256 currencies including BTC, BSV, and BCH.
11. When will the commission for the pool invitation be settled?
Binance Pool referral rewards are settled daily and distributed to the inviter's pool account.
12. How to check and withdraw or trade the referral rewards from Binance Pool?
Open the Binance Pool website> log in to your account and click [Wallet]-[Pool Account] to check the balance.
Click [Transfer], to transfer the balance from [Pool Account] to [Spot Account], click [Confirm], you can go through [Spot Account], and then proceed to [Withdrawal] or [Trade].
13. What should I do if I have not received the referral rewards from Binance Pool?
1) Only users registered with your [Referral Link] or [Referral Code] are considered as your invited users;
2) Please first confirm whether your invitee has connected their hashrate to Binance mining pool for mining after they have registered.
3) The referral rewards will be settled and issued daily, and the specific settlement time may be delayed, please wait patiently;