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Binance Margin Trading Express Guide (Website)

Binance Margin Trading Express Guide (Website)

2019-07-05 11:04
You can use the auto-borrow and auto-repay modes to place margin trading orders efficiently on Binance.

What are the automatic borrow and repay modes on Margin Trading?

Borrow mode lets you place buy/sell orders by automatically borrowing crypto assets in line with your maximum leverage. You can borrow and use funds simultaneously as you trade. You will only borrow the amount you need for trading.
Repay mode will automatically use the received crypto assets to repay the asset’s liabilities once you’ve completed your buy/sell order.
For more details on how auto-borrow and auto-repay work, please refer to How to Use the One-Click Borrow & Repay Function.

A step-by-step guide for margin trading

Step 1. Transfer collateral to Margin account

1. Log in to your Binance account and click [Wallet] - [Margin].
2. Click [Transfer].
3. Select the Wallet you want to transfer from, your preferred crypto, and the amount to transfer as collateral. Click [Confirm].

Step 2.1 Trade in Borrow mode

1. Click [Trade] - [Margin]. Go to the [Buy/Sell Order] section and select [Borrow]. You’ll see the available amount you can use based on the maximum margin ratio.
2. Enter the amount you wish to trade and click [Margin Buy].
3. You’ll then see an order confirmation pop-up window. Double-check the amount and click [Confirm].

Step 2.2 Trade in Repay mode

Click [Trade] - [Margin]. Go to the [Buy/Sell Order] section and select [Repay].
Please note that if your Margin account doesn’t have sufficient funds, the system will automatically borrow on your behalf to execute the order. Successfully placed orders will accrue interest immediately.
If the order you placed is canceled in full, the system will automatically repay the corresponding interest and debt. However, the system may not be able to repay the total interest or debt amount. Please go to [Wallet] - [Margin] - [Account Equity] to check.
  • To view your assets, liabilities, and profit, go to [Wallet] - [Margin]. You can also check whether you need to repay any borrowed funds or interest.
  • If your balance is insufficient to repay the debt after a trade, the system will only repay 90% of the amount borrowed, and you’ll have to repay the remaining debt manually. If your account balance can’t cover 90% of the debt, automatic repayment will fail, and you must deposit additional funds to repay the debt manually. Please check whether you have any outstanding debt in your Margin account and repay as soon as possible.
For more details, please refer to the following articles: