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How to deposit AUD using PayID on Binance.com
2020-07-29 05:20

PayID is an instant bank transfer method supported by over 100 Australian banks and financial institutions. PayID deposits are free, 24/7.


1. Verify your identity by selecting ‘Australia’ as your country. Learn more using this guide.

2. Hover over “Buy crypto” towards the top left of the menu, then click ‘Deposit AUD’.

3. Ensure that the ‘PayID’ option is selected, then enter your desired deposit amount and click ‘Continue’.

4. Perform the PayID transfer using your mobile bank app or internet banking.

Note: Only your unique PayID is required to make a PayID transfer; there is no description required. If your bank requires a description for the transfer, you may enter any description.

5. Once your PayID transfer has been made, your deposit will be reflected in your AUD wallet in your Binance account.

A quick tip: Once you have your PayID saved, you can make AUD deposits anytime without having to initiate a new deposit request from your Binance account.

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