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How to Deposit NFT on Binance

2021-09-28 04:12
Video Tutorial
You can now deposit your NFTs to Binance in 2 easy steps.

Step 1: Connect your wallet

1. Go to Binance NFT and log in to your account. Click [User Center] - [Import NFT].
2. You will be redirected to [Wallet Connect]. Choose the network of your wallet and click [Confirm]. Currently, we support Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum network.
3. Select the wallet you want to connect. Currently, we support MetaMask and WalletConnect.
For more information, please check our wallet guides here:
  • WalletConnect
  • MetaMask
  • Binance Chain Wallet
Please select a compatible network for your NFT, or your assets might be lost and cannot be recovered.
Let’s use MetaMask as an example. Click [MetaMask] to proceed.
Please note that you need to install the MetaMask extension in your Chrome browser before initiating the deposit process.
4. You will see a pop-up from the MetaMask extension. Choose the account you want to connect to Binance NFT and click [Sign].
5. Once it’s connected, you will be redirected to this page. Click [Deposit NFT].

Step 2: Deposit NFT

1. To deposit your NFT, paste your asset’s NFT contract address under [Contract Address] and click [Confirm]. Do not enter the address manually.
For more details on how to find your NFT address, please refer to How to Find NFT Contract Address.
2. After verifying the contract address, you will see your NFTs. Choose the one you want to deposit and click [Confirm Deposit].
Please note that your NFT contract address needs to be pre-approved before you can import it to the Binance NFT Marketplace. You may check the supported contract addresses from NFT Deposits - Approved Contract Addresses.
3. You will see a pop-up from MetaMask. Set the gas fee for your deposit and click [Confirm].
Once the process is complete, you can find your deposited NFTs in [User Center] - [NFT Asset] and you can list them for sale.
Please note that the NFT deposit process is performed on-chain and requires network confirmation, thus the actual arrival time of your NFT might experience delays depending on the network status. Please wait patiently for it to arrive.