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Wallet overview page
2020-07-02 14:38
We integrated 6 accounts on one page for a better experience:
Spot Account
Margin Account
USDT Futures Account
P2P Account
Saving Account
Pool Account
1. After logging in to the account, choose [Wallet]-[Overview] to enter the page.
2. In the overview page, you can check account details quickly.
1)Account balance (estimated value in BTC)
2)Description of the account
3)Operation options
3. Besides, you can manually add “JEX Account”, “Wazir X Account” and “BPLAY Account”.
Choose the account you want to add, click [Activate] button, then operate by page reminder.
Transaction History
Click [Transaction History], you can check the deposit/withdrawal history of crypto and cash, transfer history, distribution history, and BNB convert history.
Transfer function
On this page, you can accomplish internal transfer between different accounts.
1. Click the [Transfer] button.
2. In the transfer pop window, choose “From" account and “To" account, enter transfer amount then click [confirm].
*Funds in the spot account can be transferred to P2P Account/Pool Account/USDT Futures Account/Cross Margin Account/Card Account.
Funds in the P2P account can be transferred to Spot Account/USDT Futures Account/Pool Account.
Funds in Cross Margin account can be transferred to Spot Account/USDT Futures Account.

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