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Liquid Swap
How to use Binance Liquid Swap - Liquidity
2020-09-04 02:47
How to add liquidity
1. Log in to and click on【Finance】- 【Swap】to enter the Binance Liquid Swap page.
2. Click【Liquidity】to enter the liquidity page.
3. Please read, understand and agree to Binance Liquid Swap Terms of Use.
4. On the【Add】page, select pool type, choose coin type, and enter the amount. Please make sure you have read, understand, and agree to Binance Liquid Swap Terms of Use.
The system will add 2 coins in proportion to the pool.
After adding a single coin, the system will convert it into two corresponding coins proportionally, and the corresponding transaction fee will be incurred during the conversion process.
Price: This price is an approximate value, and the final price depends on the number of tokens in the liquid pool when you add liquidity.
Share: The pool share you are expected to get after this operation will be determined by the stock of various tokens in the liquid pool during the operation.
Share of the pool: The estimated value of pool share that you are expected to get after this operation. The share will change according to the pool's adding and removing liquidity situation.
7 day APY: The annualized rate of return calculated based on the rate of return available to liquidity providers in the past seven days. Contains interests from flexible savings and transaction fee distribution.
Please see Binance Liquid Swap- AMM, Shares and Revenue Formula Explained for details
5. Confirm the terms and numbers then click【Add】to place an order.
6. When added successfully, the page will show the amount, pair, price, share, current share composition, and share of the pool.
7. Click【View My Share】to view your total share, share details, liquidity history.
How to remove liquidity
1. Click【Remove】to enter the liquidity page.
2. On the【Remove】page, select pool type and enter the amount. Then enter a share amount and choose to remove the coin type.
3. The system will automatically calculate the price, share of the pool, current pool size, your current share, share of the pool, current share composition. Click【Remove】to place an order.
Reminder: If you choose a single coin to remove, the system will convert the two coins of the share to the coin you selected, and the corresponding transaction fee will be incurred during the conversion process.
4. When removed successfully, the page will show the removed amount, pair, share removed, price and total share left.
5. Click【View My Share】to view your total share, share details, and liquidity history.
  1. When the price of a coin fluctuates drastically in the market, the shareholders of the coin pair pool may not be able to enjoy the same value gains. Therefore, the behavior of adding liquidity is not a risk-free operation, and what they enjoy is not capital preservation.
  2. At 00:00 (UTC+0) each day, the interest-bearing principal is calculated by using “the current token-pool asset - the amount added in yesterday + the amount removed yesterday” and also the flexible savings interest rate of the token-pool from the previous day. If a token does not have a corresponding flexible savings product, it does not generate a flexible savings income.
  3. After adding assets to a certain coin pair pool to obtain pool shares(adding a single coin will incur corresponding fees), they can be removed from the same coin pair pool through pool shares. You can remove two coins at the same time proportionally, or you can select one coin to remove. When removing a coin, since you need to trade another coin in the pair pool as the coin you choose to remove, a transaction fee will be incurred, which will be deducted from the amount you can get.
  4. Transaction slippage will be adjusted in real-time according to market conditions, and the price displayed on the page does not have to be the final transaction slippage price, if the price slippage is too large and exceeds the warning value, the system will automatically terminate the transaction.

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