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How to Enable Spot Wallet as a Backup Source of Funding on Binance Card

2022-05-18 02:12
To allow greater access to your funds and a seamless experience when using Binance Card, we now support using your Spot Wallet as a backup source of funding for Binance Card transactions.

How does it work?

After enabling the feature, when your Funding Wallet balance is insufficient to pay for a transaction, the system will automatically use the funds from your Spot Wallet to pay for the full amount of the transaction. However, if your Spot Wallet balance is also insufficient, the transaction will be declined.
The system will deduct assets from your Spot Wallet using the same sequence of spending currencies you set for your Funding Wallet. You can customize the spending currencies order from your Card Dashboard.
For refunds and transaction reversals, the funds will be returned to your Funding Wallet.

How do I enable/disable using Spot Wallet as a backup source of funding for Binance Card?

You can enable or disable this feature from your Card Dashboard. Please note that this feature is automatically enabled for new Binance Card users.
1. Log in to your Binance account and navigate to the [Card Dashboard].
2. Click [Manage] - [Source of Funding] to enable or disable this feature.