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How to check your Binance Card details

2020-09-02 08:06
Note: The view Details function only supports virtual Binance Cards. Once you activate the physical Binance Card, you can only check your card details on the Card.
1. How can I see my card details, e.g. card number?
1.1 If you are using the Binance website, log in to your Binance account and click [Finance] - [Binance Visa Card].
Alternatively, you can access it from [Products] - [Card] at the bottom of the screen.
If you are using the Binance App, log in to your Binance account and tap [More]. Scroll down to [Finance] and tap [Card].
You can also access your Card Dashboard from [Wallets] - [Funding] - [Card].
Tips: For quick access,you can add the Card icon to the App homepage from [More]. Then tap the [Edit] icon under [Customize your homepage services] to add the [Card] icon.
1.2 Click [Show Details] and enter your 2FA verification code. Your card details will then be displayed.
1.3 If you want to hide these details again, click [Hide Details].
2. How do I view my PIN number for the physical card?
2.1 Log in to your Binance account and click [Card] to go to your Card Dashboard.
2.2 Click [View PIN] and enter your 2FA verification code. The PIN will then be displayed for a limited time.
*Please note that using the virtual card does not require a PIN. When you have linked the virtual card to Google Pay or Samsung Pay, no PIN will be required for payments.
3. How do I change my PIN?
To change your Binance Card PIN, you will need to know your existing PIN. If you don’t, please refer to the above answer to find your PIN.
Once you have your PIN, please go to an ATM that accepts Visa and follow the below instructions to change your PIN:
3.1 Insert your Binance Card into the ATM and enter your existing PIN.
3.2 The ATM will ask whether you want to change your PIN. Simply follow the prompts shown on the screen to enter a new PIN.