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How to top-up or recharge my Card Wallet?
2020-09-02 08:05
1. How do I transfer funds to my Card Wallet?
You may transfer funds from your Spot Wallet to your Card Wallet by following these steps:
1. Log in to your Binance account and navigate to the Card Wallet.
2. Click [Transfer] and you will be able to transfer funds within your daily Card Wallet Transfer Limits. The transfer will be instant and the funds are available to use immediately.
Currently, the Card Wallet supports the conversion and spending of BNB, BUSD, BTC, SXP, ETH, EUR, ADA, DOT, FIL, XVS, VAI with your Binance Card.
2. How do I use the cryptocurrencies in my Card Wallet with Binance Card?
Binance Card enables real-time conversion of cryptocurrency to fiat currency on the Card Wallet. Only fiat currency can be used on the card itself, and Binance will handle the conversions automatically. EUR can be spent directly from your Card Wallet.
3. How to use Auto Top-up?
You may enable Auto Top-up for your Card Wallet to make sure that your balance is recharged after every successful transaction. To use this function, simply toggle on the [Auto Top-up] button to confirm. You may also specify the minimum balance for your Card Wallet, so in case your balance drops below the specified amount, our system will automatically transfer funds from your Spot Wallet to your Card Wallet to maintain the balance.
You may change the Min. Balance by clicking [Edit] to specify the desired amount between EUR 10 - EUR 250.
The system will perform an Auto Top-up in the following cases:
  1. Immediately after you enabled the function: If the current Card Wallet balance is lower than the specified Min. Balance
  2. After each successful transaction: If the current Card Wallet balance is lower than the specified Min. Balance
  3. Every day around 2 am GMT: If the current Card Wallet balance is lower than the specified Min. Balance
The system will top-up your Card Wallet according to the sequence of cryptocurrencies you set for the spending currencies.
If there are insufficient funds in your Spot Wallet to fulfill the Min. Balance specified, our system will make a partial transfer to your Card Wallet.
You can track your Auto Top-up transfers from [Transaction History] - [Wallet Transfers].
You may turn on or off the Auto Top-up feature any time by toggling the button.
4. How to top-up my Binance Card manually?
Currently, direct EUR top-up for your Binance Card by third-party payment service providers is not supported. Please do not send EUR directly to your Binance Card using external payment service providers, as the funds will not be credited to your Binance Card balance. Should you have any queries, please contact our customer support team.
5. Can I use my Binance card to accept payments from PayPal?
Unfortunately, this feature is not supported at the moment. Any transfer of funds to your Binance Card from third-parties, such as PayPal, bank accounts, or similar platforms will not go through.
The Binance Card is designed for you to withdraw and spend your assets in your Binance Card Wallet only. If you try to send funds from third-party platforms like PayPal or bank account, your funds may be returned or locked, and Binance cannot assist you. Please do not send any funds from third-party sources as Binance will not be held responsible for helping you locate those funds. If we are able to accommodate third-party funding sources in the future, we will announce to all Binance Card users.
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