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How to verify your account to start depositing VND
2021-02-07 10:00
To start depositing VND via your personal Vietcombank account directly into your Binance account, you must first complete Tier 1 KYC. Both Vietnamese and Vietnamese residents with valid visas are eligible to complete Tier 1 KYC.
Note: If you are an existing Vietnamese user on Binance, you may be prompted to update your details if they are outdated or incomplete.
The KYC tiers and their respective verification requirements and limits are outlined below:
KYC Tier
VND deposit limit
VND withdrawal limit
Tier 1Full name & Date of birth, National ID number, Residential Address30,000,000 VND / day
Tier 2 Document and biometric verification300,000,000 VND / day300,000,000 VND / day
Tier 3Source of funds verification1,000,000,000 VND / day1,000,000,000 VND / day
To complete Tier 1 KYC, please follow the steps below.
1. Hover over the account icon in the top right of the menu and click ‘Identification (Xác minh)’.
2. Click on ‘Verify (Xác thực)’ to begin the verification process.
3. Ensure that ‘Vietnam (Việt Nam)’ is selected from the drop-down list, then click ‘Start (Bắt đầu)’.

4. Enter your ‘National ID’ and the other requested details such as your full name, date of birth and residential address.
5. Please read and agree to the disclaimer once you have entered your details, then click ‘Continue (Tiếp tục)’.
Note: Before continuing, please ensure that you have entered the details exactly as they appear on your documents.
6. Your details will be verified within a few seconds. Once your account is successfully verified, you will be able to deposit up to 300,000,000 VND per day using your personal Vietcombank account.
Note: To unlock withdrawals and increase deposit limits for your account, please complete Tier 2 KYC via the ‘Basic Info’ page from Step 2 of this guide after completing Tier 1 KYC.
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