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Binance Futures Affiliate Program
2020-08-20 05:16
1. How does the Binance Futures Affiliate Program work?
  • Apply to become a Binance Futures Affiliate
  • Get approved
  • Invite friends & give them a 10% discount
  • Earn
2. How do you get the maximum of a 40% base referral bonus?
Starting out as a Binance Futures affiliate you will get a 40% base referral bonus. This means you get 30% of trading fees from the friends you invite and your friends get a 10% discount on trading fees.

Active duration
  • Invitor: The referral bonus received for each referred user lasts 12 months from their respective days of registration then expires.
  • Invitee: The 10% "kickback" rate shared by the inviter will last for 30 days from the date of Futures account activation.
  • Binance reserves the right to extend the expiration period of referred users at its discretion
  • BNB holding requirements are waived for Binance Futures Affiliates.
3. What are the requirements to be a Binance Futures Affiliate?
- Social media influencer with 5,000+ followers or subscribers
Crypto Communities
- Community with 500+ members
- Userbase of 2,000+
- Market analysis platform with 5,000+ daily visits.
- Industry Media Platform
- Crypto Fund
- Aggregate Trading Platform
4. Once I’m a Binance Futures Affiliate are there any requirements I need to meet?
Each Binance Futures Affiliate’s referral bonus rate will be adjusted for 90 days. Upon the completion of the 90 days, Binance Futures Affiliates will need to have Maintained a minimum average of 100+ active trading users with a cumulative trading volume equivalent of 10,000 BTC. Upon successfully meeting the minimum requirements, affiliates will receive a further 90 days extension. Rinse and repeat.
5. Apply here to become a Binance Futures Affiliate
6. Additional Resources
* Please note - affiliates are subject to the same basic set of Binance futures referral terms and conditions. Click here for full details.

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