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How to Watch Binance Live on Binance App

2021-08-11 15:59

What is Binance Live?

Binance Live is a live stream video hub by Binance. You can download the Binance App to watch our live broadcasts.

How to access Binance Live?

1. Download the latest version of Binance App (V2.33.0 or above).
2. On the homepage, tap [More]. Scroll down to [Others] and you will see [Binance Live].
3. Alternatively, you may drag down the homepage to access the [Marketplace], and you will see [Binance Live].
4. You may also access it by using the QR code scanner on the homepage. Simply scan the QR code on our live stream posters to watch.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why can’t I watch Binance Live?

Please make sure your Binance App is updated to the latest version (V2.33.0 or above).

2. Can I use Binance Live to broadcast videos?

Currently, Binance Live is on an invitation-only basis. Only invited users can broadcast live. Please stay tuned for new features in the future.
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