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How to deposit to Binance by bank transfer with UK Bank?
2021-02-03 15:17
Here is a step-by-step guide on how to deposit to Binance using the Barclays banking platform. This guide is broken down into two parts. Please follow all the instructions in order to successfully deposit GBP funds into your Binance account.
  • Part 1 will show you how to collect the necessary bank information for the transfer.
  • Part 2 will show you how to initiate the transfer instruction with the Barclays banking platform, using information obtained from Part 1.
Part 1: Collect the necessary bank information
Step 1: From the Menu bar, Go to [Buy Crypto] > [Bank Deposit]:
Step 2: Select ‘GBP’ under ‘Currency’ and then select ‘Faster Payments’ as a payment. Next, enter the GBP amount you would like to deposit and click [Continue].
** Note that you can only deposit funds from a Bank Account with the EXACT same name as your registered Binance account. If the transfer is made from a Bank Account with a different name, the bank transfer will not be accepted.
Step 3: You will then be presented with Bank Details to deposit funds into. Please keep this tab open for reference and proceed to Part 2.
**Note that the Reference Code presented will be unique to your own Binance account.
Part 2: Barclays Bank platform
Step 1: Log into your internet banking platform.
  • If on the browser interface, click [Pay].
  • If on the App interface, click [Pay & Transfer].
Step 2: Under “Choose an account to pay”, select [Pay someone new].
Step 3: Select your desired 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) option: Mobile PINsentry or PINsentry Card Reader.
If you are making the transfer on the App interface, you do not need this step.
Step 4: Select [Business] and then input the Bank details obtained previously in [Part 1-Step 3].
  • Name
  • Sort code
  • Account number
Step 5: Input the same GBP amount as you entered in [Part 1-Step 2], then input the Reference Code obtained from [Part 1-Step 3]
**Note that all information entered must be EXACTLY as indicated on [Part 1-Step 3]. If the information is incorrect, then the bank transfer will not be accepted.
This includes:
Name,Sort code,Account number,Reference code,Amount to transfer.
Step 6: Review the details of the transaction. If all the information is correct, authorise the transaction via 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication).
If you are making the transfer on the App interface, you do not need this step.
STEP 7: The transaction is now complete. You should see the Payment Receipt screen to confirm the transaction.
**Note that after completing the transaction from your bank, it may take up to a few hours for the funds to show up in your Binance Account Wallet.
If there might be any questions or issues, please visit Customer Support to reach out to our dedicated team, who will assist you.
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