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How to Handle Stolen Funds Transferred to Binance
2018-01-15 07:19

If you’re the victim of a theft and your stolen funds have been traced to Binance, you must open a support ticket (support.binance.com, providing us with the following details:

  • Detailed description of how and when the hack/theft happened.
  • Detailed (clickable) blockchain links of all transactions involved in the process.
  • A signed NDA or a statement where you’ll agree to abide by non-disclosure standards from Binance.

If there is substantial evidence that suggests the funds were indeed stolen, Binance will temporarily freeze the assets.

During the process, you must provide us with a police report within 24 hours after submitting a support ticket. From this point Binance will work directly with law enforcement officials to handle the stolen funds and work to resolve your case.

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