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How to Make Payments with Binance Card

2020-09-02 08:10
1. How does Binance Card work?
Binance Card enables real-time cryptocurrency to fiat currency conversion, enabling you to spend your crypto assets with merchants globally. Binance will aggregate the value of your Funding Wallet based on the market prices of your crypto and fiat currencies. This aggregated balance will be displayed in the card currency (e.g. Euros). When you use your Card, this Funding Wallet balance will be your available balance to spend.
2. In which order does the Binance Card use my cryptocurrency in the Funding Wallet?
The Binance Card uses an aggregate value of all your crypto and fiat currencies in your Funding Wallet to make purchases based on the cryptocurrency order you set in the Card Dashboard.
The default order of assets in your Card Dashboard is as follows: BNB, BUSD, BTC, USDT, SXP, ETH, EUR, ADA, DOT, LAZIO, PORTO, SANTOS. Our system will follow this order when you make a purchase with your Binance Card.
If the BNB balance in your Funding Wallet is sufficient, the purchase will be made solely by converting BNB into EUR. If the balance is insufficient, the system will automatically check whether your BNB and BUSD balances can cover the purchase following the order of assets you selected.
The assets are shown in your Funding Wallet by the default order. You may hide small balances by checking the [Hide small balances] box.
If you wish to adjust the sequence of spending currencies, you can drag and move the cryptocurrency names to reorder. Please note that this function only works when the [Hide small balances] box is unchecked.
3. Will my payment be declined if the balance of my prioritized cryptocurrency is insufficient?
The transaction should go through if the aggregated balance in your Funding Wallet equals to or is greater than the amount the merchant is attempting to charge. Binance will automatically use all available cryptocurrencies in the order you selected or based on the balance left in the Funding Wallet to complete the transaction.
4. Where can I use my Binance Card?
You can use your Binance Card anywhere in the world that accepts the network associated with your Card. Since Binance works with numerous networks globally, please check your Cardholder Agreement for details on the networks the card in your region supports (e.g. Visa).
5. Is my Binance card contactless?
Yes, you can make contactless payments with your physical Binance card where point of sales (POS) terminals support them. To activate contactless payment on your Binance Card, you need to complete the first transaction on your physical Binance Card with Chip & PIN.
Currently, the maximum amount per contactless payment is EUR 50 across Europe. Due to security reasons, the maximum accumulated amount of contactless payments is EUR 150. If the transaction you’re trying to make exceeds the accumulated contactless amount limit, the transaction will be declined. For example, you’ve made several contactless transactions today, a total of EUR 140, and you’re trying to make a EUR 15 contactless transaction. As the accumulated contactless amount will exceed EUR 150 after this transaction, it will be declined. To reset the accumulated contactless amount, please use Chip & PIN for the transaction. After that, you may make contactless payments again.
6. How do I withdraw cash from my Binance Card?
The Binance Card allows you to withdraw cash from an ATM within the ATM limit in regions that support cash withdrawals. Please visit your nearest ATM and follow the instructions on the screen to withdraw cash. You will need your PIN to use the Binance Card in an ATM. Please refer to How to check your Binance Card details to view your PIN.
7. How do I use a Binance Card to make transactions online?
Tutorial Video
You can use the Binance virtual card to make transactions online. Simply enter your Binance Card details on the payment page when you checkout. You will receive an in-app notification or verify purchase email from Binance. Verify your 3D Secure Verification (3DS) as instructed. After you receive 3DS confirmation, your purchase is successful. You can go back to the merchant’s website to check.
What is 3D Secure Verification (3DS)?
The European Commission (PSD2) now requires customers to complete additional verification (3D Secure Verification, or 3DS) to authorize their online transactions to make credit card payments more secure. When you make an online purchase with Binance Card, you need to complete 3DS before proceeding with your transaction.
How to verify my transaction with 3DS?
1. You will receive an in-app notification and verify purchase email from Binance when you make an online purchase with Binance Card.
To verify the transaction, tap the notification to open the Binance App or tap the link in the email.
2. You will be redirected to log in to the Binance App. If you have already logged in, you’ll be redirected to the Purchase details.
Here you’ll see your transaction details, including the transaction amount, merchant name, date, and the last 4 digits of your Binance Card.
If you recognize this transaction, tap [Next] within the time limit. If you want to cancel the transaction, tap [Cancel].
3. Verify your purchase with your Binance account password.
You may also be asked to confirm the transaction with an OTP code.
4. You will receive a [Purchase Verified] confirmation. Please go back to the merchant’s website to check if your purchase has been processed.

Frequently Asked Questions
1. What happens if I enter the wrong password?
You get 4 attempts to input your password. After that, your account will be temporarily locked for security reasons. Please contact Customer Support for assistance.
2. What happens if I enter the incorrect OTP code?
If you enter the incorrect OTP code, you can tap [Resend] to get a new OTP and try again.
However, multiple incorrect OTP attempts might block your card temporarily to protect you from fraudulent transactions and phishing scams. If that happens, please contact Customer Support for assistance.
3. I didn’t receive any emails or the link has expired. What should I do?
If you didn’t receive the Verify Purchase email from Binance or the link has expired, you can retrigger the transaction at the merchant website. Please ensure that you have entered the correct Binance Card details on the merchant’s payment page.
4. I did not use my Binance Card, but I received a Verify Purchase email. What should I do?
If you did not make any online purchases with your Binance card, but you received a Verify Purchase email or in-app notification, please report it to Customer Support immediately. There could be a potential fraudulent transaction or your card may have been compromised.
5. Why was my Binance Card payment declined?
If your Binance Card payment was declined, please check if:
i. You have exceeded your daily transaction limits:
  • Virtual card: 870 EUR
  • Physical card: 8,700 EUR
  • ATM withdrawals: 290 EUR
  • Amount per contactless transaction: 50 EUR across Europe
  • Accumulated amount of contactless payments: 150 EUR
Note: If the transaction you’re trying to make exceeds the accumulated contactless amount limit, the transaction will be declined. For example, you’ve made several contactless transactions today (a total of EUR 140), and you’re trying to make a EUR 15 contactless transaction. As the accumulated contactless amount will exceed EUR 150 after this transaction, it will be declined.
ii. Your Funding Wallet balance is insufficient.
iii. Your Binance Card is blocked due to:
  • Exceeded the incorrect CVV attempts
If you have entered the CVV incorrectly on 3 or more occasions, your card may be blocked. Please contact Customer Support to unblock the card.
  • PIN/Chip blocked
To check whether you have entered the correct PIN code, please refer to How to Check Your Binance Card Details to see your PIN.
This can be caused by:
  1. Entering the PIN incorrectly three times; or
  2. A combination of CVV and PIN incorrect attempts. In this circumstance, the terminal (either POS/ATM) has blocked the PIN/Chip directly, even if the PIN was entered correctly;
  3. It may also be caused by the terminal being offline and/or the Merchant rejecting the card therefore applying the PIN/Chip block.
If you encounter this issue, please contact Customer Support to unblock the card.
  • You have been asked to verify a transaction
Please check if the Customer Support team has asked you to verify a payment.
Usually, this happens when your card issuing bank has detected an unusual payment on your account. If they consider a potential risk on your card, they will temporarily block your account until you verify that payment. Please contact Customer Support to unblock the card.
iv. You’re using the virtual card to make a payment.
If you’ve already activated the physical card, please use your physical card number for payments.
v. You haven’t completed the 3-D Secure (3DS) authentication.
If you are unable to make online payments and the merchant enables 3DS verification flow, please check if you have completed 3DS authentication. You should receive a notification via the Binance App or email to complete the authentication.
  • If you did not receive any notifications, ensure that you have linked your phone number and email to your Binance account.
  • If you still did not receive any notifications, or cannot make online payments despite completing authentication, please contact Binance Support for assistance.
vi. Your transaction status shows “Paid”.
If your transaction status is ‘Paid’, this means that your payment is successful and pending merchant confirmation. It may take up to 18 days. Please wait patiently.
vii. Your card is frozen.
To unfreeze your Binance Card, go to [Card Dashboard] and click [Unfreeze].
viii. You’ve entered the correct card details for your online transactions.
Please check that the card details you entered are correct, such as the billing address and the expiration date. You may also check with the merchant to see why they didn’t accept your card.
*Please note that Binance Card users will not be able to use Binance Card for both online and offline transactions in Russia with effect from 2022-03-09 21:00 UTC. This does not affect card usage outside of Russia.
6. When will the funds be returned to my Funding Wallet if a transaction is declined?
If a transaction is declined after the funds were deducted from your Funding Wallet, e.g., due to the ATM terminal’s technical issues that are out of Binance’s control. In that case, your funds will be returned to your Funding Wallet (in EUR equivalent) within 2 hours.
7. Can I pay for products and services in a foreign currency?
Your card is denominated in Euro. If you make a purchase or an ATM withdrawal in any other currency, we will convert the amount of the transaction into EUR using the exchange rate set by Visa on the day they process the transaction. Please note that this conversion rate may differ from the conversion rate on the actual date of the transaction. You may check the conversion rate for each transaction in the transaction details.
8. Can I transfer funds to Binance Card from third-party platforms?
Binance Card only uses the funds from your Binance Funding Wallet. You cannot top-up your Binance Card from other external platforms. Funds that are sent directly from third-party platforms will not be credited to your Binance Card balance and might result in the loss of these funds.
Please refer to How to Top Up or Recharge My Funding Wallet for more details.