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What Is Binance Link Monthly Superstar Program and Frequently Asked Questions

2022-07-26 07:24
Formerly known as the Binance Broker Program, the Binance Link Program is a tiered system to benefit Binance API users.
To incentivize users to provide high-quality services, Binance has launched the Monthly Superstar Program to award the top 5 link and trade users with the highest monthly trading volume and number of users.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Am I eligible to participate in the Monthly Superstar Program?
All new and existing Binance link and trade users can participate in the Monthly Superstar Program.
2. How long does the program last?
The program will begin starting 2022-08-01 00:00 (UTC) until further notice.
3. How many Superstars will be selected each month?
Binance will select 5 link and trade users each month and award them the title of Monthly Superstar.
4. What are the requirements for entering the Monthly Superstar selection?
To be eligible for the Monthly Superstar selection, you must have:
  • 1,000+ BTC monthly trading volume and 100+ monthly trading users;
  • At least 21 active trading days in the current month and the previous month;
  • A positive MoM growth in trading volume and number of trading users in the current month.
5. How are the Monthly Superstars selected?
Binance will shortlist link and trade users that fulfill the requirements listed above in the Monthly Superstar selection. Each user will receive points based on their monthly trading volume and the number of trading users, which will be weighted at 50% each to get a final score.
All users will be ranked accordingly, and the top 5 users with the highest final scores will be awarded the Monthly Superstar title.
6. What transactions are counted towards the monthly trading volume calculation?
Monthly Trading Volume = Spot Trading Volume + Futures Trading Volume (from orders with a valid link ID)
7. Where can I check the Monthly Superstar results?
The Monthly Superstars will be announced during the first week of the following month on the Binance Broker News Telegram channel. Please subscribe to the channel for the latest updates.
8. What other benefits can the Monthly Superstar winners receive?
Besides the Monthly Superstar title, all winners’ platforms will be showcased on the Binance broker homepage in the following month.