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How to Bulk Order Customized Binance Gift Card

2021-11-01 09:46
You can now order Binance Gift Cards in bulk to suit your different needs. You can customize the design of your gift cards, such as adding brand logo and personalized messages.

How to order Customized Binance Gift Cards in bulk?

To bulk order gift cards, you must:
1. You must own a Binance account that has completed the Identity Verification and comply with the AML standards;
2. You must place a minimum order quantity of 50 pieces and $1,000 BUSD (or equivalent) of customized Binance Gift Cards.
Please fill in the application form to place your order. Please note that Binance will charge a customization fee if you request to customize the gift card design or add a logo to one of our gift card templates.

How to distribute Binance Gift Cards?

There are 3 ways to distribute your gift cards:
1. Email distribution: Binance will email the designated email addresses on your behalf;
2. Gift card redemption code: You will receive a list of the gift card redemption codes and you can distribute them however you prefer;
3. API integration solution: Please contact for more details.

What are the customization options?

Binance Gift Card offers two customization options:
Option 1: You can add your logo to one of the Binance Gift Card templates we provide.
Option 2: You can create one-of-a-kind gift cards with your own design. Please note that the design must follow the Binance Gift Card Template Design Guideline. Binance reserves the right of approval for the final design.

How much does it charge for customization?

You can check the standard customization fee below, effective from 2021-11-1 00:00 AM (UTC) to 2021-12-31 23:59 PM (UTC).

Order Quantity

Logo Customization Fee

Design Customization Fee

50 - 99150 BUSD500 BUSD
100 - 299100 BUSD500 BUSD
300 - 49950 BUSD500 BUSD
500+Waived (for a limited time only)Waived (for a limited time only)
Important Note and Disclaimer:
Binance reserves the right to change the terms for Binance Gift Card Bulk Order at any time due to changing market conditions, risk of fraud, or any other factors we deem relevant. The fees mentioned in this article are subject to change without further notice. Please refer to the English version for the most updated fees.
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