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Electricity Subsidies of Up to 1,000 BUSD for New Binance Pool Users
2020-09-07 12:25
Fellow Binancians,
In order to thank our users for their continued support, Binance Pool is launching an exclusive event for new users to help offset their electricity costs. During the event, users who connect their hashrate to Binance Pool will receive an electricity subsidy of up to 1,000 BUSD, based on their average daily hashrate.
Event time: 2020/09/07 1:00 PM - 2020/10/07 1:00 PM (UTC)
Electricity Subsidy Details:
24H Hashrate50T ≤ average 24H hashrate < 200T200T ≤ average 24H hashrate < 500T500T ≤ average 24H hashrate < 1,000T1,000T ≤ average 24H hashrate < 10,000T10,000T ≤ average 24H hashrate < 50,000TAverage 24H hashrate ≥ 50,000
Total Subsidy Amount10 BUSD25 BUSD50 BUSD80 BUSD180 BUSD1,000 BUSD
  • Users must complete identity verification (KYC) to participate.
  • Electricity subsidies and discounted fees are mutually exclusive offers. Newly registered users who are already receiving discounted fees are not eligible for electricity subsidies;
  • Issuance of subsidies: Electricity subsidies will be issued 3 times in the form of Cash Vouchers. For users who participate in the event, the amount and duration of hashrate connected to the pool will be calculated on the 8th of each month. Electricity subsidy payments for the current month will be issued before the 15th of the month. You can view your subsidies by going to your Account > Reward Center. Log in to view your 24H hashrate.
  • Amount of electricity subsidy issued each month = Total subsidy amount × ⅓ × (Number of days connected in current month ÷ Total number of days in the current month).
  • Users who do not have hashrate connected to Binance Pool on the last day of the month will be regarded as inactive, and the electricity subsidy for that month will be canceled.
  • Binance Pool holds the right to the final interpretation of the event.
Thanks for your support!
Binance Team
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