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Global P2P Merchants FAQ
2020-01-23 08:03
Note: Please use the latest Chrome web browser. Merchant Portal is only available on the web (laptop) now.
How do I change my nickname (alias)?
Please set your nickname (alias) professionally. Our admin might delete the merchant's ads or disqualify the merchant if we find the nickname is improper.
How do I Post Ads?
1. After entering the merchant portal, you can create a new advertisement through the “Post Ads” button at the top.
2. Select the type of advertisement you want to post, Buy or Sell, then select the crypto and fiat currency you want to trade.
3. Select the price type. If you choose “fixed price”, you need to enter the exact price. If you choose “floating price”, you need to enter the ad exchange rate and floating price percentage. (The final trade price will be calculated based on the two ratios.)
You can customize your own the exchange rate at the “Advertisement” page, then the Exchange Rate will no longer change with Market Exchange Rate
If you want to make your Exchange Rate flow with Market Exchange rate, you need to close the Custom Exchange rate here:
4. Fill in the “Total trading quantity”, and then “Max trading amount” and the “Min trading amount” for a single trade.
5. Set the “User requirements” for ads. If the users do not meet the requirements, they will not be able to take your published ads. (This feature can help you block users you think are at risk.)
6. Select the “Payment method” to send or receive payments. (Choose at least one.)
7. The Remarks section is displayed in “trade requirements” when the user clicks on your ad, up to 1000 words. Auto-reply message refers to the information sent to the counterparty through chat automatically after the user places an order.
8. After clicking on “Publish”, confirm that the advertisement information is correct, select “Publish Status”, and click “Confirm Publishing”.
9. After the advertisement is released, the assets associated with the advertisement will be frozen, and it will be unfrozen after the advertisement is closed.
How do I modify Ads?
1. When you need to modify the advertisement, you need to make the advertisement offline first, and then make the change.
2. You can do a quick edit by clicking on “Edit”, including basic information such as price, time limit, trade limit, etc.
3. You can also change all the information by clicking on “Edit details”.
4. Please note that, when modifying ads, the total trading quantity can only increase but not decrease.
How do I see my completed orders?
(Sorry our current time zone is set to GMT+8. You might not see the orders because of the time difference.)
  1. click on "Order"
  2. choose "History" tab
  3. click on Calendar icon
  4. click on "Select Date"
  5. choose "23: 59: 59"
How do I trade?
1. After the merchant publishes an advertisement, wait for the user to take the order. When the order is taken, a red mark appears in the list of pending orders.
2. Click “Pay now” to make payments
3. When you are buying from others, you can also choose to cancel the order when you are not willing to do the trade, but note this may affect your completion rate.
4. After the merchant publishes a Sell advertisement, wait for the user to take the order. When there is a new order, a red mark appears in the list of pending orders.
5. Until the user is marked as paid, the “Release” button is grayed out; When the payment is marked as received, “Release” is displayed in red. After confirming the payment, you can click on “Release”.
6. If you need to communicate with the user, you can click on the chat box icon to chat.
7. After the order is completed, the order will be moved from “Pending” to “History”. In the History tab, you can filter the orders by assets, types, status, date etc.
8. Don't forget to click the calendar when filtering, it can be set to be accurate to a per-minute basis.
9. Order history can also be exported to excel.
How do I hide my phone number in the order?
How do I appeal?
If you are a Buyer, after you click “Transferred Next”
How do I set up payment methods?
1. Click “Settings” in the left navigation to enter the “Payment Methods” page, you can find all the payment methods here.
2. Click the Add button and select the payment method you prefer.
3. After filling in the account information, use “Activation Status” to decide if you want to activate this payment method right away.
4. After successful addition, the payment method will appear in the list. The payment method can be modified or disabled at any time.
How do I add users to the blacklist
1. Click “Settings” on the left navigation panel and enter “Blacklist”, click on “Set blacklist”
2. Click “History” on the “Order” tab to find the user you want to add to the blacklist.Then, click “blacklist.”
How do I transfer assets?
1. Click “Fiat Wallet” in the left navigation and then “Transfer”, you can transfer the assets of the fiat wallet to spot wallet.
2. You can see the history in “Transfer history” section, as well as set up filters;

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