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How to Make Internal Transfer within Binance
2020-07-06 05:56

To facilitate the transfer operation for Binance users, transactions between two Binance users will be immediately credited, and no transaction fee will be charged.

Here we will illustrate an example in which a Binance User A wants to transfer BNB to a Binance User B:
User A's withdrawal operation is totally the same as for a normal withdrawal.

1. Visit www.binance.com and log into the account.

2. After the login, click [Wallet][Exchange Wallet (Deposit & Withdrawal)] in the upper right corner. Then click on [Withdraw] on the left banner to open the withdrawal page.

3. Click here to select the coin to withdraw or input its full name or abbreviation.

4. Input the deposit address of the other Binance user in the field on the right.


Please note that at this step, the “Transaction Fee” displayed will be charged only for withdrawals to non-Binance addresses. If the recipient address is correct and belongs to Binance accounts, after the transaction the “Transaction Fee” will remain in the wallet of the sender, and will not be detracted (the recipient instead will get the amount indicated as “You Will Get”)

*Note: the fee exemption and instant arrival of the funds can be realized only when the recipient address belongs to a Binance account too. Please be sure that the address is correct and belongs to the Binance account. Moreover, if the system detects that you are going to withdraw a coin with memo, and the Memo field will be mandatory. You will not be allowed to withdraw without providing the memo; please provide the correct memo, otherwise, the funds will be lost.

5.Click on [Submit] and you will be guided to pass the Security verification :

  • If you have not enabled any security verification, you will be guided to enable it;
  • If you have already enabled any security verification, you may click [Get code] and enter all the required codes.
  • For account safety reasons, the Phone verification code and email verification code will be valid only for 30 mins. Please check and enter the relevant codes in time.

*Note: when you transfer a coin with a memo to Binance, the memo is mandatory. So, in an internal transfer, when the system detects that a withdrawal is submitted without any memo (ticked the box No Memo), it will directly reject this operation, displaying the following alert. Please input the correct memo and retry.

6. Please double-check your withdrawal token, amount and address. Before clicking [Submit] on the Security verification page, this withdrawal will not be executed without your permission. If this withdrawal was not submitted by you, please disable your account and contact our support team.


7. Now the withdrawal is completed with success. The user may return to the Binance website, click on [Wallet] - [Spot Wallet] - [Deposit & Withdrawal History] to find the withdrawal record. Please note that for internal transfer within Binance, no TxID will be created. The TxID field will show [Internal Transfer] and the [Internal Transfer ID] of this withdrawal. If you have any doubts about this transaction, you may provide the ID to the customer service agents for checking.

We can also make a check at the balance in the sender’s wallet to confirm that the transaction fee has not been detracted.


Now, the recipient Binance user will instantly receive this deposit. The recipient user may find the record in [Deposit & Withdrawal History][Deposits]. We can see that the amount received is the "You Will Get" amount. Again, we can see the script [Internal Transfer] and the same [Internal Transfer ID] in the TxID field.


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