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How to use Binance Locked Savings Service
2019-08-23 08:58

1. There is a preparation period for Binance Locked Savings Service before the purchase begins. When the purchase begins, you can choose the available item to purchase.

Visit the Binance website, click on [Earn] - [Savings] to access the product page:

Scroll down the page to see the [Locked Savings] products:

Click on [View More] to view all the current and past Locked Savings products:

Each Locked Savings product consists of the following descriptions:

  • Lot Size: Price per lot.
  • Maximum Subscription: Maximum lots you can purchase.
  • Coupon Per Lot: Interest you will receive per lot after redemption.
  • Value date: The day we start to calculate interest.
  • Redemption Date: The day we distribute the interest and the equity.


2. In order to subscribe, make sure that there are enough assets in the exchange account to make the purchase. (Assets in pending order and Margin account are not eligible.)

According to the amount you are going to purchase, our system will automatically calculate the interest you will receive after redemption.


3. After a successful purchase, our system will deduct the corresponding amount from your balance, you can check the detail in the "Assets" Page

4. When it reaches the due date, redemption will happen automatically. The principal and interest will be distributed to your account at once, you can see them in your "Balance" page.

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