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Corporate Account Application Q&A
2018-09-10 08:01

Q1. How can I apply for a Corporate Account?

Please log in to your Binance account and visit the following link to start the Corporate Account verification process: 


  1.   Fill in the applicant’s name, company name, the country/region in where the company is registered at and a contact number of the applicant, then click Next Step.
  2.   Fill out the Corporate Authentication Form: https://goo.gl/LN9PDy, then click Submit.
  3.   Go back to our website and tick the box "I have already submitted the Google form" and then click Submit to continue to identity verification.
  4.   Upload the applicant's ID document and a selfie of the applicant.
  5.   Complete Facial Verification.


Q2. Who can apply for a Corporate Account?

The applicant must be a corporate legal person, director, or senior executive.


Q3. What documents are required for the corporate account application?

  1.   A copy of the original Certificate of Incorporation and Business Registration.
  2.   Memorandum and Articles of Association / Constitution / By-laws / Operating Agreement.
  3.   A letter of authorization issued to Binance which states the applicant’s position and authorizes the applicant to operate a Corporate Account on behalf of the company. Note that it must be dated within the past two months. If the company has only one director, then the Letter of Authorization may be signed by that sole director. If the company has more than one director, it should be signed by at least two directors. For your reference, we have an example on the Google form. Content shall be rephrased accordingly.

  1.   An official Company Report which was issued within the last year, including a list of current directors (until natural person), a list of ultimate beneficial owners (until natural person), their nationalities/jurisdictions, their passport number, and their percentage of holdings, etc.
  2.   A link to the government website that contains your company details, allowing verification of the registration’s authenticity.
  3.   Applicant's identification, such as a passport, driver’s license, or identity card. Passport recommended.
  4.   A recent selfie photo of the applicant.


Q4. Why was my application for a Corporate Account rejected?

The reason for a Corporate Account rejection can be found in the User Center of your Binance account by hovering your mouse over the question mark icon near "Lv. 2".

If your application was rejected, please submit your application again in accordance with the reason given. We will prioritize the review of the new application as soon as possible.


Q5. Do all documents need to be submitted in English?

Yes, we will require an English version of all submitted documents. If the Certificate of Incorporation is in another language, You are required to provide an English translation that is notarized by the local notary office.


Q6. I have completed all of the fields, but I was not able to click the “Apply” button in the last step.

Please check if you have filled out all the information in the correct format and ensure that you are using the latest version of your browser (Google Chrome is preferred). 


Q7. When I try to apply for a Corporate Account, it shows “Personal Identity Verification Passed” and doesn’t allow me to complete the application.

Your account cannot be upgraded to a Corporate Account once it is verified as a personal account. Thus, please make sure that the applicant is eligible and the account is unverified.


Q8. I have submitted the Google form several times, but I haven’t received any feedback or notification.

The status of a Corporate Account application can be found in the User Center of your Binance account by hovering your mouse over the question mark icon near "Lv. 2". When the application is submitted, it will show that Corporate-level verification is awaiting approval. Otherwise, it likely means that the application was not submitted. Please ensure that you completed the application process in its entirety and confirmed submission.


Q9. How could we get a higher withdrawal limit?

To be qualified for Level 3 verification with a daily withdrawal limit of 200 BTC or more, you must maintain a trading volume of 1,000 BTC (or equivalent) or above within the last 30 days. If you meet the requirement, please open a support ticket using “Help with Account”, then select “Increase withdrawal limit”. We will handle your application within 3 business days. You may check your Account Level and withdrawal limit for an update.


Q10. I’m unable to access the Google Form to submit our company documents.

The page for submitting documents requires you to log in to your Google account. If you are unable to access this page, you are suggested to switch your networks and try it with a different web browser. 


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