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Binance Referral Program Guide
2017-10-27 03:17


In this guide, we take you through how to create, setup and manage your Binance “kickback” referral links and dashboard. For those of you who prefer to watch rather than read, we have a 1-minute Binance Referral video guide here from you, click here to watch it now. 


Step 1: Enter the URL ( and login to your account. Go to the user center and click【Referral-earn bonus】.


Step 2: Set friend’s commission kickback rate. The default referral rate is 20%, inviters can choose to share 0%, 5% or 10% with the friends they invite. Then inviters can click on 【Invite Now】to invite friends to register and trade in Binance via the referral link of referral ID.




Step 3:Once invitees successfully register at Binance and start trading, referral commissions (both those received by inviters and those shared with their invited friends) are calculated in real-time and transferred to the respective Binance accounts every hour. If the inviter’s daily average BNB account balance is 500 BNB or more, the base referral rate will be increased to 40%, and inviters can choose to share 0%, 5%, 10%, 15% or 20% with the friends they invite. Inviters can check the "Total Number of Friends", "You’ve earned", “Latest Commission History” at any time from the same page.




More detailed rules in this page.

Besides, Binance has launched another referral program in futures market, more details in here.


Binance may adjust the proportion of referrals at any point and reserves the right to adjust the rules of the referral program.

Referral link and referral code generated in the spot account only applies to spot market, not applies to futures market.

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