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Binance Will Support the Symbol (XYM) Airdrop Program for NEM (XEM) Holders

2020-12-04 07:00
Fellow Binancians,
Binance will support the Symbol (XYM) airdrop program and opt-in on behalf of users holding NEM (XEM) on Binance. The snapshot for the airdrop will take place at the XEM block height of 3,025,200 or approximately 2021/01/14 11:07 AM (UTC).
  • XEM deposits and withdrawals will be suspended starting from 2021/01/14 04:00 AM (UTC).
  • We will take a snapshot of XEM tokens held by Binance users at the above time, and will distribute XYM tokens at a ratio of 1 XEM = 1 XYM.
  • Deposits and withdrawals will be reopened after the snapshot has been completed.
  • Please note that trading of XEM will not be affected during the airdrop.
Please note:
  • XEM tokens that are pending deposits or withdrawals at the time of the snapshot will not count towards your XEM balance. Please ensure you leave sufficient time for deposits and withdrawals to complete prior to the snapshot.
  • XEM balance under 100 XEM (including those in trade orders) will not be eligible for the airdrop.
  • The snapshot will include XEM balances in Spot wallets and Locked Staking in Savings accounts. Undistributed XEM interest payments will not be included.
  • XEM that was borrowed from margin and crypto loans, even transferred to spot wallets, savings accounts, will not be counted as part of the position.
  • For the trading and listing of XYM on Binance, XYM will go through the same strict listing review process as Binance does for any other coin/token. The default position we have is no listing.
  • Binance will distribute the XYM tokens after the project has completed the XYM token distribution to XEM holders. We will post a further announcement once the distribution to Binance users is completed.
  • US persons, entities and sanctioned countries are not eligible to receive this airdrop. For more information, please refer to Binance Terms of Use.
Thanks for your support!
Binance Team
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