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Binance Presents Stake Wars - Stake BNB on Binance Chain Testnet with 3,000 BNB in Prizes

Binance Presents Stake Wars - Stake BNB on Binance Chain Testnet with 3,000 BNB in Prizes

2020-08-12 07:15
Fellow Binancians,
To prepare for the upcoming launch of BNB staking on Binance Chain, Binance is sponsoring “Stake Wars” with a total of 3,000 BNB in prizes as an opportunity for users and the larger Binance Chain community to practice cross-chain communication between Binance Chain and Binance Smart Chain (BSC).
Activity Period: 2020/08/17 08:00 AM - 2020/08/27 08:00 AM (UTC)
How to win?
Rewards will be given based on two types of measurements:
Validator Performance: The top 10 validators measured by a combination of collected rewards and uptime will win from a pool of 2,000 BNB, with the top validator winning 800 BNB.
Validator Delegation: The top 10 delegating validators measured by delegator reward rate will win from a pool of 1,000 BNB, with the top delegating validator winning 350 BNB.
More detailed rules can be found further below.
Background Information
Binance Smart Chain Testnet Staking
BSC’s system contract measures uptime, and rewards validators who propose and sign blocks correctly according to the protocol.
Validators can increase their amount of stake (the amount will vary) through various actions such as:
Block production
Binance Smart Chain Testnet Fee Distribution
Binance Smart Chain participants can earn reward through the following sources:
As a BSC replayer to earn cross-chain communication fees
As a BSC validator to earn transaction gas fees
As a delegator to earn rewards split from BSC validators
During the “Stake Wars” activity, the Binance Chain Ganges testnet will have an accelerated pace of rewards distribution, from daily to every 2 hours, so that players can use these rewards to gain more rewards
How to get started?
Testnet BNB Token Distribution
A faucet will be deployed for the BSC testnet. To get testnet BNB from the faucet users can share a tweet (which will be available on the activity launch date) and upon completion, receive 100 testnet BNB. Each Twitter account can only claim Testnet BNB via sharing once every 24 hours.
Please note - during the activity period’s faucet will be temporarily offline.
Daily Airdrop:
At 6:00 AM (UTC) each day of the activity period, Binance will airdrop testnet BTCB or BNB on Binance Smart Chain to accounts that successfully claimed testnet BNB via the Faucet.
Users will be able to send their testnet BTCB to Binance DEX to trade for more testnet BNB.
The amount of airdrop will be random at Organizers’ discretion.
Temporary Chain Settings During Stake Wars
Time frame for reward calculation and distribution reduced from one day to two hours.
Time frame for unbinding reduced to 4 hours.
Minimum amount of self delegated BNB reduced from 50,000 to 100.
Maximum number validators increase from 21 to 41
Felony_threshold parameter reduced to 5
Jail time reduced to 4 hours
Prizes to win
Top Validator Prizes:
Validators of BSC testnet will be responsible for validating transactions and sealing blocks. Validators are incentivized with the opportunity to win BNB in exchange for partaking in the gamification of testing Binance Smart Chain architecture and consensus systems.
Binance Smart Chain testnet relies on a system of 41 validators with Proof of Staked Authority (PoSA) consensus that can support short block time and lower fees. Validator nodes take turns to produce blocks. Every validator will take turns to produce the blocks in the same probability (if they stick to 100% liveness). The reward for validators is the fees collected from transactions in each block. Their commission rate will indicate how much they will share with their delegators.
To determine the winners, these following scores will be calculated by the end of every breath block to determine the score of every validator. The final score of each validator will be the average.
The validator uptime (the number of proposed blocks on BSC) (30% weight). At every Breath Block, we rank all validators by proposed block quantity. The validator who proposes the most blocks will be ranked first(validators maintained by the Binance Chain team will be excluded).
The scores all validators can be calculated with this equation:
ScoresOfProposedBlock = 40 + 60 / rank
The top validator score is 100 (40 + 60 / 1).
For the second-ranked validator, the score is 70(40 + 60 / 2).
The collected reward (70% weight). Suppose there are 35 validators(6 validators maintained by the Binance Chain team will be excluded), the median of the collected rewards in once distribution is M. Validators will be ranked by the absolute distance from M in ascending order. Validators whose collected rewards equal to M get the top rank 1. If multiple validators collect the same rewards, they will get the same rank.
idx = (rewardArray.length - 1) /2
M = rewardArray[idx]
distance = | collectedReward - M |
ScoresOfCollectedReward = 40 + 60 / rank
The validator scores can be calculated with the following equation at the end of every breath block:
Score Of Validator = ScoresOfProposedBlock * 30% + AverageScoresOfCollectedReward * 70%
The primary criteria for winning the activity is staying online and accumulating rewards. We wish to incentivize a balance between defensive and offensive strategies to keep with the goals of the game.
Some examples of adversarial behavior include:
Modifying software to censor another players’ ability to accumulate rewards.
Searching for misconfigured validator setups and attempting to exploit those misconfigurations to block other players from keeping online.
Targeting other player’s nodes with false traffic.
The prizes for the top 10 final validators are as below:
RankReward Amount(BNB)
Please note - Binance Chain development community will also deploy 6 BSC validators. These validators will be excluded from all prize competitions. We will publish these validator addresses before starting the game.
Most Generous Validators Prizes:
Validators of BSC mainnet need to acquire testnet BNB delegations from testnet BNB holders. The commission rate will be an important factor to decide. Validators with zero commission rates could attract many delegations. However, this is not a very sustainable practice. This activity will help validators find the shelling point of commission rate value.
Validators who are qualified to compete for this prize must meet these conditions:
A validator must get involved with more than 1,000 staking transactions(delegate/ re-delegate/undelegate).
Those 1,000 staking transactions must be sent from more than 100 different addresses.
Every Breath Block, we will calculate the delegator reward rate for all validators (validators maintained by Binance will be excluded). The reward rate of inactive validators is zero.
delegatorRewardRate = collectedReward * (1 - commissionRate) / totalDelegationOnValidator
At the end of this activity, all validators will be ranked by their average reward rate. The top 10 validators will win the following prizes:
RankReward Amount(BNB)
Important Note: BSC Testnet Halt
The sudden malicious shutting down of a majority of the validators (more than half of the total validators) will result in a halt of the whole Binance Smart Chain testnet. The validator operators that take part in this malicious activity will not be eligible for winning the prizes. The Binance Chain development community may take all the necessary actions to restart the testnet, while all the testnet BNB for the offline validators may be wiped out.
If a halt occurs as the result of internal bugs, the Binance Chain development community will also try to bring back the network including all of the fixes etc.
Conclusion of Activity
During the final period of the activity, the number of testnet validators will be reverted to its original number. Once this occurs, the activity will be marked as concluded and any further activities will not be counted as part of the “Stake Wars” activity.
The final winners of both validator prizes will be required to send emails in order to prove their identity, along with a unique transaction of which the details will be disclosed once the activity has been concluded.
Activity Updates
For communication updates, follow the Binance DEX Twitter and join the discussion in the Binance DEX Telegram group.
Bug Reports
Any bugs that are discovered should be submitted as bug reports under GitHub repositories.
Binance Chain:
How to join Binance Chain Ganges Testnet:
Binance Smart Chain
Terms and conditions
All tokens on the testnet are virtual assets, which are only used for testing purposes.
Binance reserves the right to disqualify participants at our sole discretion for actions deemed to be malicious etc.
Rewards will be distributed within 2 weeks after the competition ends. You will be able to log in and see your rewards via the Distribution History page in the Account Center.
Binance reserves the right to cancel or amend any Activity or Activity Rules at our sole discretion.
Thanks for your support!
Binance Team
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