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Binance Open Letter to NEO Community

2017-07-12 02:45

As a high-quality project on Binance exchange, NEO will get full support from Binance. We will have NEO/BTC trading pair from day one.  Our model is different from other platforms.

NEO (currently still named ANS) in your wallet will produce GAS (currently still named ANC) periodically. If you have 10000 NEO in your wallet, you should receive roughly 90 GAS (ANC) in the last 30 days, which is worth about $150.

As of now, most exchanges will not give you NEO gas if you put NEO on their platforms. After a discussion with the NEO team, we together decided to disrupt the status quo.

Binance is going to be the first international exchange to give you your NEO GAS!

Binance will snapshot your NEO asset at 8am. (Beijing time) everyday, and issue NEO GAS to your account monthly based on your holding amount and time.


Protect your benefits is Binance’s principle. Thank you for your support!


Binance Team