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Binance Launches Peer-to-Peer Pioneer Program for Indian Rupee Traders

Binance Launches Peer-to-Peer Pioneer Program for Indian Rupee Traders

2020-07-09 13:27

Fellow Binancians, 

To provide better peer-to-peer trading services and liquidity for Indian users, we are excited to introduce an INR Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Pioneer Program. This program aims to engage P2P pioneers who trade in the P2P marketplace and facilitate crypto adoption in the local crypto community. 

What is a P2P Pioneer? 

A P2P pioneer is a merchant who  trades in the P2P marketplace AND refers new merchants to the Binance P2P platform. P2P pioneers can earn up to $10,000 by referring new merchants and trading with new users on the platform. 

Incentive policies and benefits for Binance Pioneers:

  • 25 BUSD for each successful merchant referral
  • VIP level upgrades after 10 successful merchant referrals
  • A Merchant Pioneer badge
  • 2,500 BUSD bonus for 300 successful merchant referrals 
  • Speaking opportunities in Binance P2P AMAs, webinars and events
  • Binance swags and 24/7 customer support

How to refer a merchant? 

  • Identify potential merchants in your network and invite them to sign up to the Binance P2P merchant program and fill in your merchant ID as a referrer;
  • Once we receive an application, we will connect with your referee for approval and onboarding;
  • Upon successful onboarding, both you and your referee will be notified via Telegram; 
  • When your referee completes two trades of at least 7,500 INR each, you will receive 25 BUSD and your referee will receive 5 BUSD.

Terms & Conditions

  • The P2P Pioneer offer is valid for a period of 3 months from the date Binance grants you the Pioneer title.
  • A P2P pioneer receives 25 BUSD from a successful referral upon meeting all the following criteria:
    • Referees should not already be registered as a Binance P2P merchant.
    • Referees should successfully pass identity verification (KYC) on Binance.
    • Referees should apply to be a Binance P2P merchant through this form and enter the P2P Pioneer’s merchant ID.
    • Referees complete 2 separate orders of at least 7,500 INR as an advertiser.
    • Cumulative processed volume of the Binance merchant should be more than 50 BTC per month.
    • Referees should remain as a valid merchant for at least 30 days.
  • Binance will require a deposited amount from each P2P Pioneer as confirmation of participation. The deposit will be immediately given back to the merchant once he or she exits the program. 
  • Eligible payouts will be credited in the form of BUSD and distributed to the P2P Pioneer’s spot wallet at the end of 30 days after the completion of all of the above steps.
  • BUSD will not be processed for non-KYC users.
  • Binance may extend the offer for a period of additional 3 months based on a performance review by the end of each quarter.
  • In cases of fraudulent/suspicious transactions, Binance solely reserves the right to revoke the P2P Pioneer offer.
  • Binance solely reserves the right to change, modify or stop each offer without giving any prior notice.

Thanks for your support!

Binance Team



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