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Binance Flexible Loan Adds USDC, APE, OP and More as Loanable Assets, and USDC as Collateral Asset

Binance Flexible Loan Adds USDC, APE, OP and More as Loanable Assets, and USDC as Collateral Asset

2023-03-23 07:00
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Fellow Binancians,
Binance Flexible Loan has added ALGO, APE, DYDX, EGLD, EOS, FET, GALA, ICP, MANA, NEAR, OP, PAXG, QNT, TUSD, TWT, UNI and USDC as new loanable assets, and USDC as a new collateral asset. Please refer to Loan Data for the latest interest rates and a full list of loanable and collateral assets.
What Is Binance Flexible Loan?
Binance Flexible Loan is an isolated, overcollateralized, open-term loan product.
Users are able to take up isolated loan positions made up of one collateral-loan pair each, such as [BUSD collateral + ETH loan] in one position, and [USDT collateral + BTC loan] in another. Each collateral-loan pair position has a distinct Loan-to-Value (LTV) ratio as well as margin call and liquidation levels.
Each loan position must be overcollateralized, meaning the value of collateral pledged by the user is more than the value of the digital assets advanced to the user.
Since Binance Flexible Loans are open-term, users may keep their positions open indefinitely as long as this product supports the loaned and collateral digital assets, and the relevant LTVs are not exceeded.
Binance Flexible Loan uses users’ Simple Earn Flexible Product assets as collateral. These assets continue to earn Real-Time APR rewards while being collateralized. This allows for smoother LTV management and reduces interest costs.
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  • Visit the Binance Flexible Loan or Simple Earn Flexible Product FAQs to learn more.
  • Terms and conditions for Binance Flexible Loan and Simple Earn apply.
  • Where any discrepancy arises between the translated versions and the original English version, the English version shall prevail.
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