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Affiliate Rewards Bootcamp in Africa: Learn How to Become a Crypto Influencer While Earning Up to 3,000 BUSD

2022-09-22 03:00
Fellow Binancians,
We are excited to announce the launch of the Affiliate Rewards Bootcamp in Africa, a fast track program featuring a seven-class e-course designed for anyone who wants to learn how to become a crypto influencer. The program is open to all users in Africa, and no crypto experience is required. An eligible participant can receive up to 3,000 BUSD and more rewards upon completion of the course.
Join the Affiliate Rewards Bootcamp
How to Participate:
  1. Sign-up and select your class pathway.
  2. Binance will send the first Bootcamp class video via email and inmail to eligible participants every Thursday of the week. After that, you will receive the rest of the class videos and project instructions every day via email and inmail.
  3. Watch the Bootcamp class videos and complete the projects that you find most interesting.
  4. We encourage users to try and complete all projects by the one-month deadline. Your one-month deadline starts the day after you receive the submission form email.
  5. Submit your best projects to get evaluated by the Binance team before the one-month deadline.
  6. After the project submission deadline, the projects submitted will be evaluated. Users will receive the results and the total reward amount via email.
Users are also encouraged to join the Telegram group chats that are found in the email carrying the first class video to stay up-to-date with important announcements. In addition to the rewards above, we have weekly engagement rewards for all eligible participants in the Bootcamp group chats on Telegram, and additional ways to earn more rewards once users graduate from the Bootcamp.
Check out the landing page, blog, and FAQ to learn more about the Affiliate Rewards Bootcamp.
Terms and Conditions:
  • This Bootcamp is currently available to all existing Binance users in Africa.
  • Each qualified participant can get rewarded up to 3,000 BUSD depending on the number of eligible projects that the participant completes. If a participant is able to reach the minimum requirements of all five class projects, then the participant will be rewarded 3,000 BUSD along with a $300 sign-up bonus and increased referral commission rates.
  • The BUSD rewards will be distributed to the participants' Spot wallet on the 10th of every month, along with an email notification.
  • All submitted class projects must be original. The same content cannot be submitted for multiple projects.
  • This Bootcamp is only available in English. All submitted projects must be in English.
  • Class two to five have unique projects to be completed after watching the class video. In order for submitted projects to qualify for a reward, the submitted work must meet the minimum requirements listed for the class projects.
  • Participants must complete all class projects within one month after receiving the email for class one.
  • Participants who complete at least one class project will automatically be eligible to become a Binance Affiliate.
  • Participants who select the exclusivity pathway when signing up agree to promote Binance only for at least a three-month period. Participants cannot promote other crypto referral-related programs during that period.
  • Binance reserves the right to cancel or amend the Program or Program Rules at our sole discretion.
  • Binance reserves the right of final interpretation.
Thanks for your support!
Binance Team
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Binance reserves the right in its sole discretion to amend or change or cancel this announcement at any time and for any reasons without prior notice.
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