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Binance refunds the TRON (TRX) token

2017-09-05 07:26

Dear all,

To abide by the notice from China PBoC, Binance has negotiated with TRON team to refund all tokens raised during ICO period. The investors can opt out of the refund if they wish.

1. Refund

All of your TRON tokens will be returned back to your original cryptocurrency account. Due to fluctuations in the BNB price recently, the refunding ratio for TRX/BNB session will be as per the ETH’s price on the day of the ICO, i.e. 1 TRX = 0.00000488 ETH.

2. Refund Calculation

Binance will finish the refund process before 8pm, 2017/09/06 (Beijing time). You can check your assets in your “Distribution History”.

3. Hold TRX

If you wish to keep holding TRX, please use your registered email account on Binance to send an email to before 8am. 2017/09/06 (Beijing time), with title “Hold TRX” and attach the screenshot of your TRX ICO amount. (How to check your ICO balance)

4. Withdraw TRX

Upon completion of the refund process, Binance will close TRX deposits, and will open the TRX withdrawal channel. You can withdraw your TRX tokens into your own wallet.

Thank you for your support!

Binance Team