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Binance Will Launch ICO Session of SSN (Super Skynet)

2017-08-28 08:28

Dear community,

We will launch ICO session of SSN (Super Skynet) on Binance exchange at 8pm. 2017/08/31 (Beijing Time). ICO of SSN has three sessions as follows:

  1. BNB session
  2. BTC session
  3. ETH session  

The details for SSN ICO session:

  1. Token name: SSN ;
  2. Total ICO ammount on Binance: 294,000,000 SSN;(Total ICO ammount: 462,000,000 SSN)
  3. Support market: BNB(147,000,000 SSN), BTC(73,500,000 SSN), ETH(73,500,000 SSN)
  4. Exchange rate:

    BNB: 1 SSN = 0.00461419 BNB (1 BNB ≈ 217 SSN)

    BTC: 1 SSN = 0.00000238 BTC(1BTC ≈ 420,000 SSN)

    ETH: 1 SSN = 0.00002857 ETH(1 ETH ≈ 35,000 SSN)

  5. ICO time: 8PM. 2017/08/31 - 8PM 2017/09/06 (Beijing Time);
  6. Sale type: first come first served basis;
  7. Limitation: 840,000SSN per person

ICO link:   (recommend PC participation to get better experience)

Super Skynet : Website , Whitepaper , ICO Instruction

Risk warning:

ICO investment is subject to high market risk. Please make your investments very cautiously. Binance will chose high quality ICO projects, but will not be responsible for your investment losses.

Thank you for your support!

Binance Team


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