✅ Real-time APR rewards

The advantage of the Simple Earn Flexible Product is that when you use assets as collateral for your loan, those assets continue to earn rewards in the form of real-time APR. In simple terms, this means that while your assets are being used as collateral, they will continue to earn additional rewards or interest, allowing you to benefit from them even while you are borrowing against them. This effectively lowers your net interest rate on your loan.

✅ Competitive interest rates

The competitive interest rates of a flexible loan product allow you to borrow cryptocurrency at a lower interest rate compared to many other loan options available on the market. This may allow you to save money on interest payments and potentially reduce the overall cost of your loan, making it more affordable in the long run.

All interest rates for each cryptocurrency in Binance Flexible Loan are updated every minute.

✅ No transaction fees

There are no transaction fees on flexible loan products. This means you won't be charged any additional fees for making transactions related to your loan. This can include activities such as making loan repayments or accessing funds from your loan account. By eliminating transaction fees, the loan becomes more cost-effective for you because you don't have to pay additional fees to manage your loan.