Let’s explore Lista - an Open-source liquidity protocol designed to facilitate earning yields on collateralized crypto assets as well as enable borrowing through its decentralized stablecoin

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I. Lista Overview:

1) Lista DAO Description:

  • Lista DAO is an innovative open-source liquidity protocol designed to facilitate earning yields on collateralized crypto assets and to enable borrowing through its decentralized stablecoin, lisUSD, also known as a "Destablecoin." 

  • By leveraging and expanding upon the proven MakerDAO model, Lista DAO aims to create a decentralized, unbiased, collateral-backed stablecoin ecosystem.

2) $LISTA key feature:

a. Hybrid Stability Model:

  • Algorithmic models & collateralized were combined to balance Stability & Scalability

  • Avoid purely custodial / Algorithmic stablecoins which can lead to project pitfalls

b) Capital Efficiency:

  • With their special “Collateral Debt Positions” they manage to solve the capital efficiency problem of over-collateralized stablecoins

  • This allows users to use leverage in a more effective way

c) MakerDAO functionality:

  • The makerDAO-proven mechanism will be used to support collateral-backed stablecoin issuance as well as management

  • This will create a  robust & Decentralized governance structure

d) Decentralized liquidity:

  • ListaDao Liquidity Providers (LPs) enhance liquidity to prevent issues like frozen funds and value loss

e) Yield-Bearing Assets:

  • Allow user to earn yields from their collateralized assets

  • Proof-of-stake rewards for additional earnings

Our thoughts: Lista DAO presents a hybrid robust approach by integrating the benefits of collateralized and algorithmic stablecoins while mitigating risks all while being transparent with said risks. Through Liquid Staking & MakerDAO mechanisms its have enhanced capital efficiency, and allowed easy and effective asset leverage & yield  generation Lista Dao has also been developed by seasonal DeFi & Smart contract experts, they focus on practical rewards from Proof-of-Stake & Yield-Bearing assets, which can lead Lista a potential token to look into in the coming bullrush

II. Use cases Lista DAO:

Lista DAO:

  • Collateralise BNB. 

  • Borrow lisUSD 

  • Farm lisUSD

  • Repay the loan (lisUSD + borrowing interest (currently set at 0%). 

  • Withdraw collateral

  • Claim reward in Lista for borrowing lisUSD (coming soon) 

  • Participate in protocol governance, using LISTA tokens (coming soon)


  • Governance: LISTA token holders can vote on protocol’s governance decisions.

  • Protocol Incentivization: Users can earn LISTA tokens as rewards when they borrow lisUSD against collaterals or do liquidity farming in lisUSD and slisBNB pools.

  • Voting gauge: users can lock their LISTA tokens as veLISTA and vote for the collaterals that they want to use to mint lisUSD and the liquidity pools that they want to provide LP with higher emissions.

  • Fee sharing: Users who lock their LISTA for veLISTA will also be eligible for fee sharing.

  • Major Components:

    • BNB liquid staking token slisBNB

    • Decentralized stablecoin lisUSD

III. Price Prediction:

Price prediction = Circulating market cap / Initial Circulating supply

Let's gather other projects that are related to Staking/Restaking Protocol, $ETHFI $REZ,  the average market cap of these projects is around $340M. We think $LISTA will be around this market cap of $250M - $300M 

Initial Circulating Supply When listed on Binance of $LISTA is 23% ( 230M $LISTA), therefore, the price of $LISTA could be around 1.09-1.30$

IV. How to Join the Megadrop:

1) First, you need a Binance Account. 

If you don't have a Binance account, register via the below link to get a 20% discount trading fee 👇


2) How to be eligible for Megadrop:

  • KYC on #Binance

  • Users in Campaign Regions

  • Participate in Megadrop Campaigns

There are 2 ways to participate (Recommend: Joining Both)

2.1 Staking BNB

  • Go to your Binance App on Phone

  • Find Megadrop, Scroll down to "Lock BNB" Section.

  • The more $BNB + the longer you lock, the more score you get.

CLICK HERE to start locking your BNB NOW

2.2 Complete Web3 Quest 1: “Stake 0.01 BNB in the ListaDAO DApp”

Step 1: Funding your wallet with BNB

  1. Log in to your Binance app and click on the “Wallets” section. Go to “Web3”. 

  1. To fund your wallet, click on “receive”. If you are transferring funds from your Binance account, click on “transfer in”.

  1. Select the Coin to transfer, which will be BNB in this case, and choose the BNB smart chain (BEP-20) network to transfer your funds through. 

  1. Select the amount of BNB that you would like to transfer into your Binance Web3 wallet, and click withdraw. Note: To qualify for Lista DAO’s “The Drop” campaign, a minimum of 0.01 BNB is required to be liquid staked into slisBNB.

Step 2: Liquid staking BNB into slisBNB on Lista DAO

  1. Once your wallet has been funded with BNB, the next step is to liquid stake your BNB into slisBNB on Lista DAO.

  2. Head over to the “Discover” section.

  1. Search for “Lista DAO” in the search bar, and click on Lista DAO.

  1. You will be redirected to Lista DAO’s landing page in the app. Connect your Binance Web3 wallet, and click on “Stake”.

  1. Input the amount of BNB you would like to liquid stake on Lista. Remember to leave some BNB behind for gas!

  1. Confirm the transaction, and a notification will appear once your BNB has been liquid staked on Lista DAO.

Step 3: How to Withdrawing/Unstaking BNB on Lisa DAO

  1. To unstake BNB on Lista DAO, navigate to the Lista DAO page by following the instructions given in step 2. (from instructions 1 to 4).

  2. Connect your Binance Web3 Wallet and click on “Stake BNB”.

  1. Head over to the unstaking section by clicking on the “unstake”, input the amount of BNB you would like to withdraw/unstake, and confirm the transaction. Take note: There will be a 7-15 day unstaking period.

  1. Once the withdrawal transaction has been confirmed, you can monitor the status of your withdrawal under the “withdrawal section” here.

Once the transaction has been confirmed, you are done!

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