Jeeton is a timid, robot cat with a head of tv screen. It displays emotions and content in its own funny ways.

After completely self funded team successfully launched $JEETON on, they quickly became king of the hill and got listed on raydium shortly after. In the first week, they hit an all-time-high marketcap of 1million.

Subsequently, Jeeton devs made many funny memes that went viral, one of many, is a collage video featuring jeeton's videos, as an infinity tv screen that can display anything.

Many investors on solana saw the potential of Jeeton's meme versatility, a cute tv cat mascot, and a hardworking, responsive and fun loving team behind the project, and price soared to a new all-time-high of 1.6million, almost an 530% increase shortly after consolidating just under 300k, after dipping from previous all time high of 1 million.

Jeeton is currently holding stable above 500,000 mcap. One reason for its stability is its holders trust in the team. The team is made up of high profile dev, studio artist, and programmers who are previously microsoft hackathon champions and are highly well connected in the blockchain space.

Checking out their website, the team seems to be really witty with their puns and memes. Their version of whitepaper, called the 'jeetbook' showcasing their wit and quality.

Jeeton's entertainment content consist a good mix of high quality studio level artworks and intentional low-cost fun memes.

The team's latest light hearted experiment, the DOJEE, was a memorial event to pay respects and remember the dog behind dogecoin, named kabosu. The team used this opportunity out of pocket to launch dojee as a tribute to reward holders by airdropping every holder regardless big or small, 1million DOJEE coin. At the point of airdrop, the total amounted to 200 SOL ($34,000 usd) and each of 455 jeeton holders got approximately 0.45sol worth of dojeecoin.

With this fun and unexpected experimental value for holders, it is just a beginning for Jeeton the TV cat.