Solana Dev Hospitalized Following Stunt to Pump Meme Coin....😱😱😱

$Solana developer suffers severe burns during a live promotional event, sparking debate on meme coin marketing ethics.

In a shocking turn of events that has the crypto community buzzing, a Solana blockchain developer known as Mikol has been hospitalized with third-degree burns following a dangerous promotional stunt gone wrong. The incident, which was broadcast live to an audience eagerly watching the promotion of the meme coin TruthOrDare (DARE), has raised serious questions about the lengths to which individuals will go to pump the value of digital currencies.

The Stunt Gone Wrong...

Mikol, in an attempt to generate buzz for the newly launched TruthOrDare token, decided to perform a stunt involving isopropyl alcohol and fireworks. The live stream, intended as a bold marketing move, quickly turned into a horrifying scene as Mikol suffered third-degree burns over approximately 35% of his body. The developer's friends, present during the live stream, scrambled to extinguish the flames, but the damage was already done. Mikol is currently receiving treatment at a trauma center in Miami, fighting to recover from the severe injuries sustained during the stunt.

Community Reaction...

The incident has sparked a wide range of reactions within the cryptocurrency community. While some members have expressed deep concern for Mikol's well-being, others have focused on the impact this event might have on the value of the DARE token. This split in the community highlights the often volatile and unpredictable nature of meme coin markets, where developers and investors are sometimes willing to take extreme risks in the pursuit of gains.